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Williams Interactive

Let us now introduce one of the far and most popular game providers in the modern and today's iGaming markets. They are the company that is the most well-known, and biggest among their competitive, I am of course talking about Williams Interactive, or WMS.

What is Williams Interactive?

It is an American electronic gaming and entertainment company with its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has been in the game for a well long time, the company was originally founded back in 1943 by Harry E. Williams. In 2012 the company became an owned and additional to Scientific Games

The history

Williams Interactive started in 1943 as a manufacturer of the famous pinball machines, and they even created jukeboxes when they were at its prime time. The gaming started for real for Williams Interactive in 1973, when they branched out into the coin operated arcade game machines, and the very first arcade video game was Paddle Ball. In 1980 Williams Interactive released their first breakthroughs named Defender and the sequel, Stargate. They were both hits and they quickly made a name for themselves. They continued on this arcade game path and the pinball division closed up in 1999, to keep a focus on this. They later released some legendary games named Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam. 
The real break for Williams Interactive must be in 1996 though when they released their very first hit casino slot machine called Reel ém In. It was a so-called multi-line, multi-coin, and secondary bonus – slot machine. It was an immediate success and they then continued to deliver many new slot machines that were as big of a success as the first.

Moving to Slots and Online Markets

The focus was strongly concentrated on slots, and in 2001 they had already released games with themes from the most well-known entertainment with games such as Men in Black, The Dukes of Hazzard, Top Gun, The Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, and Clint Eastwood. All these games set for an uprising in both popularity as well as economically for Williams Interactive. From there on, they have continued to rise and shine as they still provide branded games and additions that make for a successful company. 
In 2012, Williams Interactive announced their launch in the online casino market and the following year they merged with Scientific Games and they have continued to expand ever since. Today they have numerous employees and offices in the US, Australia, Canada, India, China, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Argentina, Austria, and the UK. 
For the long and hard work that Williams Interactive and its team has put into the company, they have been nominated three times for three different awards. The nominations were; Slot operator of the year online; Slot manufacturer provider online; and corporate services supplier.  They were nominated for the International Gaming Awards and with the supplies of games they have, they will surely win one of these prestigious awards soon. 

WMS Portfolio

Games are provided for them with many different themes and layouts, the thing all games has in common is the graphics and high entertainment value they all provide. Themes from Williams Interactive can range from classic styled games, fun games with fishes, animals, to tropical themes and kittens. A wide range to say the least. They offer not only slots and video slots, but also video poker and bingo among others.  
The above-mentioned games have all proven to be most successful, in common for the following games are the fun and entertaining themes, the graphics, and the overall gaming experiences. Who wouldn’t enjoy a most unique round of Monopoly? Or a trip to the gods´ kingdom or maybe to the wonderland down under?
You can find these top 10 games in the portfolio of Williams Interactive at and you can play them all right in the browser or on your mobile. The games provided by Williams Interactive are made so that players can access them easily and play them anywhere. 
As mentioned above, Williams Interactive has brought us many branded and licensed games, such as the unbelievably popular games Monopoly. There are various versions of Monopoly and they are still delivering new and improved games in the spirit of the old board game. This is definitely one of the most loved games from Williams Interactive, and when playing it you understand why right away.  

Another branded and exclusive game is Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers, a most popular and easy to like kind of game. Its theme is of course based on the old story with the similar name, and Williams Interactive has surely done a fine job with the graphics, layouts, and the features provided in this game. We loved it on the very first try, and we know that you would too.

Williams Interactive conclusion

These are only two examples of the great things Williams Interactive has achieved, but they are indeed the perfect examples. 
To sum up, this incredible game provider company is very easy, yet so hard. They are one of the most experienced in the business and they have since their start proceeded to progress and develop into the company they are today. It is hard to put in one word how great it has gone for them, but success would most likely be the best fitting for them. Many see them as inspiring and many other companies have them as an inspiration to what they wish to achieve.

The reason behind their success is a mix of hard work, intelligence, awareness of what players crave, and the knowledge of what they are doing. The 73-year experience they have is very uncommon, but they have been there since the beginning which has let them get to know the new technologies as they come, and therefor also the ability to improve and make it even better. And we can see all of these talents and qualities in the games they bring us. We know for a fact that you have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Williams Interactive, the releases are coming frequently and there is no stopping in them. 

Visit Williams Interactive website clicking here to find out more infor about this brillaint game developer!