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STHLMGAMING develops online casino slots and was founded in 2016. STHLMGAMING strives for simplicity in their creations so that players can understand them instantaneously. The volatility of their games stand on the higher end of the scale. Taking this into consideration, STHLMGAMING is on the road to success by providing exciting, high-volatility games that work on a variety of mobile devices. 

Games by STHLMGAMING offered at Videoslots 

We are ecstatic to bring you STHLMGAMING games on our casino, so we are starting off by offering the following game: 

Perfect Catch 

Boost It 

Casino On The House 


The Golden Chase 

Ricky Riches Booster Reel 

Icarus Wilds

Keep an eye out for more epic STHLMGAMING games to join our online casino from this point forward!  


STHLMGAMING was founded in 2016 and has its headquarters based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since the beginning of their establishment, they’ve gained years of experience in creating online casino slots within the competing market! Throughout this time, they’ve learned what drives gaming and that’s the reason that they strive to produce and deliver the games that they do. In October 2017 was when they released their first game for the public to enjoy. A year later, in April 2018 was when their second game was released with a third game not too far behind which was released in August 2018. They have predicted that they will release five to six more games in 2019 and more than nine games are expected to be released in 2020. 

STHLMGAMING and Relax Gaming Partnership 

In October 2018, STHLMGAMING proudly announced their partnership with Relax Gaming so that they could provide games through their Silver Bullet Platform. As a result of this partnership, STHLMGAMING will further supply and distribute all their games on the Relax Gaming platform as they believe it to be a very well performing platform with great market growth expansion and potential. 

STLHMGAMING is fully committed to distributing engaging games that have crisp presentations and intuitive gameplay. STLHMGAMING is delighted to work with Relax Gaming because of their impressive and scalable online casino platform via its Silver Bullet partner program. 

STHLMGAMING and Relax Gaming both share the same ambitions of growing their platform with the latest and greatest online casino content around! This means that there is much to look forward to in the future from this partnership!  


STHLMGAMING offers online casino slots that have a higher scale of volatility. That is why STHLMGAMING strives for simplicity in their games as well as a setup that allows players to easily determine and understand where the big wins are and how to get them in the games that STHLMGAMING produces. 

What sets STHLMGAMING apart from the rest  

Even though STHLMGAMING is a small company, they were founded by a group that has had years of experience creating online slots in competitive markets giving them an insider’s view into what drives players to come back to games time after time.  The staff is solid and works hard to keep track of the latest trends in the modern world of slots, excitement and entertainment. The software developers at STHLMGAMING put forth a lot of attention and detail towards the rigorous quality of the released games.

STHLMGAMING games are made to be played everywhere! This is a key feature that they like to emphasise for their games and is what they call STHMLGAMING Smart All Devices. This is what makes them stand apart from others and is their way of displaying that their slots are designed to be played on any type of device ranging from a smartphone all the way up to a computer monitor! They do this by developing for all platforms at once, with their games instantly adapting to the specifics of each device. Therefore, if you want to play one of those games, you don’t need to worry because they play everywhere so that players can play anywhere and at any time! 

Games discussion

STHLMGAMING has a variety of online casino slots that are all beautifully developed consisting of distinctive, unique themes. Even though their games are developed to be straightforward and to the point, this doesn’t take away from the quality of their graphics, animations or from the fun that players will enjoy during their games. Each theme is well-defined and specific to the subject at hand, making it easy to grasp each games concept.

STHLMGAMING has developed and released an extremely unique game, ‘Van Gogh’, which although simplistic in its appearance has beautiful graphics and animations that depict Van Gogh’s artwork seamlessly!

STHLMGAMING has also rolled out more classic-themed online slots like their Stacks and Boost It games. Each game is minimalistic and easy to navigate in nature but are still extremely rewarding and promises players a lot of fun while playing! 

For each game developed by STHLMGAMING, it is easy to see the amount of thought and detail that was put into the theme of each game. The animations, graphics and even sounds are specifically chosen for excellence. Not only can you expect games that are aesthetically pleasing, but you can also anticipate some excellent bonus programs in STHLMGAMING slots which offer various incentives.

Games developed by STHLMGAMING are constantly updated and are planned to be released in an improved quality. As mentioned before, their games are concise and extremely accessible for understanding while the interface is constantly being improved. As previously mentioned, slots from STHLMGAMING are easy to launch and function perfectly since they are not compiled with unnecessary options. 

Although the list of game slots from the STHLMGAMING company is small for the moment, the themes of the slots, their designs and the simplicity of the interface makes them accessible to everyone and loved by many players! 

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