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A state-of-the-art game creator and developer is rising with its majorly game-changing attributes that take players to a whole new dimension of playing. With immersive graphics and designs, as well as highly animations and intense gameplay are what this developer puts its main focus on. This is Stakelogic!

The top games by Stakelogic offered at are;

Book of Adventure

Random 2 Wins

Multi Player 4 Player

Book of Leo Quattro

Book of Cleopatra

The Book

Classic Joker 6000

Dr. Magoo's Adventure

Tropical Adventure

Magical Forest

Making Stakelogic unique...

Is that its massive team of professionals in all areas work tirelessly to research, prepare, form, create, develop, and launch its product using all knowledge and innovations they have up their sleeves. Stakelogic is a company that strives on innovation and revolutionising the online gaming experience. 

But how will they do this? 

Well, if you see their games, you will see that they are different from any other providers´. Using intense animations, intense, vibrant, and high-quality graphics, as well as thoroughly made themes, their games surely stands out in a huge crowd of online Video Slots. They make for the most advanced games on the markets today, and much of that is thanks to their very own and revolutionary feature called  Slots 360° - a special technology. This along with the so-called MOBi mobile gaming platform, both make sure that the games of Stakelogic differentiate from their competition. 

Slots 360° and MOBi – how they revolutionise

With the Stakelogic Slots 360 Degrees technology, players get an even more unique gaming experience including just that – a 360-degree experience. The games can with this technology be viewed in a full 360-degree perspective instead of the views found in standard games. The real-time backgrounds result in higher player engagement and the depth and richness of the game animations then become even more enhanced. This is a technology that creates a revolutionary way of playing with features and attributes you have never seen in a game before. One of their 360° Slots is the game Spartus – which can be found on MOBi. 

MOBi is the future of online gaming – in the present time. Stakelogic has always seen the mobile market as key to their development strategy. Its MOBi mobile gaming line has been created all in-house, this to enhance the player experience and emulate both the quality and innovation of the Stakelogic browser-based games. The best part is also that every time Stakelogic releases a new game on a desktop, the game always releases on mobile simultaneously. 

All MOBi games are developed in HTML5 technology, made to be optimised for mobile devices, and are all available for iOS, Android, and Windows. 

Stakelogic portfolio

What Stakelogic does best is, of course, games of amazingly well-executed graphics, designs, and themes of creativity. All games are integrated with a vivid theme for players to truly enjoy from, with inspiration spreading all the way from tropical adventures, superheroes, to horror, magical, ancient, classics, superheroes, mystery, and a great deal more. The themes are always perfected with the help of the creative team behind the games created. Stakelogic is a provider known for their advanced animations, intense graphics, and rewarding features – and these all come in instant play format, ready for integration in over 20 languages. 

The games mentioned above are all the perfect examples of how versatile the themes are, and how brilliantly they all are made to be. Apart from standard Video Slots, Stakelogic also offers Branded games, such as Darts Heroes and Football Gladiators, as well as Dice games and Classics for the true enthusiasts.

Las Vegas Fever is one of the perfect examples, especially when it comes to the advanced animations and amazing graphics. This game takes you to Vegas, with the loaded dreamer gentleman, hustling around the Casinos to make his riches grow even bigger. Here, the colours are vibrant, the ladies are beautiful, the neon signs glowing, and an intro that tells you the story behind the game. This is something that Stakelogic uses quite frequently. 

Intros to present the game, in the quality of a professional animated movie – to tell you where you are going, what kind of surprises lie ahead, and to make you intrigued the moment you press the start button. And it works absolutely flawlessly!


Stakelogic is, to say the least, a beast when it comes to creating games – from start to launch. is a company very proud to be working with such an innovative, hard-working, and professional gaming studio like Stakelogic. The games are immensely popular amongst all, and if you read all about it above, there is no surprise to why that is. Keep a lookout for Stake, and you will surely be greatly awarded for it!    

If you want you can visit the Stakelogic website clicking here to read more information.