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Spike Games

How it all started

Founded back in 2014 by gaming expert Rob Anderson, Spike Games is an online casino games provider with its main headquarters in England.  Long before that, however, Anderson had been working hands-on in the iGaming industry since 1991. He first held a position as a visualiser at Barcrest, a slot provider that’s been around since 1968 and whose slot machines are still some of the most popular games amongst players today. 

At Barcrest, Anderson was responsible for bringing to life the Barcrest team’s game designs, gaining valuable knowledge of the game design process first-hand. He then moved on to become studio manager at BWB, where he continued to grow in his career, now creating his own games which were extremely successful, especially within the German market. 

In 1997, Anderson progressed to become Head of Games at Mazooma, where he was responsible for the team that held a top spot in the UK market for over 2 years. If that sounds impressive, Anderson went on to progress even further in the industry, becoming an expert in the industry thanks to the knowledge he gained through his extensive experience. He even opened his very own business, Cometa Wireless, which produced over 20 mobile games as well as a full online casino platform on which to run and host these games. Alchemybet was Anderson’s second company, later selling it to in 2012.

The game we currently offer by Spike Games is;

Alice Cooper

Spike Games is born

Finally, in 2014, Anderson decided to pursue his passion for game development full-time, when he founded Spike Games. This is where he decided he wanted to offer something that’s not on the market, something that will excite and attract players. 

Spike Games’ standards are simply to release games that are flawlessly developed. In their own words, they “only release what we think is our best work at that time”. More importantly, Spike Games values building a strong working relationship with their partners so that together, they can produce amazing games with exciting graphics, attractive gameplay, and awesome features and bonuses. 

Spike Games is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and is focused on quality rather than quantity. Their portfolio so far isn’t very large because the company has focused their attention on creating games that are truly unique, designed to feature a lot of the properties that make slots successful but offering them in a way that’s more appealing to their customers.  

Specialised solutions tailored for every operator’s needs

Although their collection so far is rather small, one reason why it’s enjoyed the great success it has is that it offers a lot of flexibility and options for operators who wish to include their products in their offers. Spike Games offer two ways for their operators to get their games: direct integrations or distribution via SpikeRGS, making the game integration process much easier for interested operators. 

Individual clients can integrate Spike games directly into their existing platforms or else, they have the option of using Spike Games’ very own Remote Gaming Server, known as SpikeRGS. This flexible service is what’s really pushed Spike Games to the success that they’re been enjoying over the years. This has also made them a valuable partner to work with in the eyes of some of the most trusted gaming platforms in the industry and enables them to distribute their games for players to enjoy worldwide. For example, one of their most successful partnerships was with Openbet, one of the most highly-esteemed platforms in the industry. 

What makes their games so unique?

One thing that makes Spike Games stand out from the masses is that almost none of their games follow the traditional slot machine game structure. The only exception to this is their latest release, Alice Cooper, which can be classified as a slot machine with very unique features.

This studio isn’t focused on traditional slots but has decided to shift their attention to a different part of the gaming industry, namely the match-three genre of games. Instead of a layout consisting of reels and rows, games like Shamrock Shuffle, Star Drop and Super Candy Cash involve a large grid layout with lots of different symbols. 

Instead of spinning the reels, the player simply decides on a bet amount and a minimum of 3 matching symbols will award a prize. There are no paylines and any horizontal or vertical match will award a prize. When there’s a match of at least 3 in a row, the winning symbols will disappear, and new symbols will fall into place.  

These games are quite rare in the iGaming world, making Spike Games a very valuable developer and one that truly stands out. 

Partnership with Alice Cooper

The only game that’s essentially a video slot, is Alice Cooper. However, Spike Games didn’t want to produce just any other slot that will join thousands of others like it. Instead, they went for a partnership with the legendary Alice Cooper to produce a slot that truly stands out. Tested out by the Prince of Darkness himself, this slot recreates the vibe of Cooper’s famous stage tricks and antics into a terrifyingly fun slot that’s definitely much more than an average, standard slot. 

Alice Cooper responded back with love for Spike Games, testing out the slot himself and definitely approving of it!  

A game provider to look out for

There may only be 6 games in their game portfolio but they’re certainly games that are completely unlike what you’re used to from other game providers. Their clever combination of slot machines with match-three games has already proven successful, making them a highly attractive game provider for other companies who are looking to add something different to their sites in order to attract different kinds of players. 

As you can tell, Spike Games is a company to keep a lookout for. It is already a well-respected name in the industry, and we’re sure there’s a lot of exciting things yet to come from this company.  Right now, Alice Cooper is the game offered here at 

You can read more about Spike Games right here.