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Slingshot Studios

Slingshot Studios is an independent game studio which was established in 2016 and is in an exclusive partnership with Microgaming in order to develop exclusive and distinctive game content for software giant, Microgaming. Slingshot Studios is made up of a group of gambling industry experts, new and young blood as well as everything in-between in order to come up with and deliver refreshing content to an extremely saturated market. The group of creators at Slingshot Studios is extremely diverse with skills in illustration, animation, development, testing, composition, production and many more skills shared across the team! 

The CEO of Microgaming has stated that the development of Slingshot Studios will certainly benefit the existing digital portfolio at Microgaming as the Slingshot Studios team works hard in order to develop authentic, crisp games that also contain thrilling engines and features that will target those specific markets and audiences. It’s guaranteed that the content to come from exclusive provider, Slingshot Studios is incredible as there is a strong driving force behind all the creation and development which is infused with the strong core values that the team holds close to them so that they can create and challenge themselves throughout the entire process. 

The main focus for Slingshot Studios is to improve and enhance successful slot-game staples while also improving games with new, innovative ideas and features. The Slingshot Studios team’s drive to create and challenge the existing formats by stepping outside of the box is what keeps them motivated and pushing forward. In addition, they also put a lot of attention towards extracting the more popular features or details of modern-day slot games and then take it a step further by enhancing them in various ways like giving it a fresh feel or a special twist so that the gaming experience for players is top notch.  

Games by Slingshot Studios offered on our casino;

This is just the beginning for all the games to come from Slingshot Studios to our casino. 

A Dark Matter 

Cash of Kingdoms 

Zombie Hoard 

Banana Odyssey

Keep an eye out for more epic Slingshot Studios games to join our portfolio from this point forward! 

Slingshot Studios Values 

At Slingshot Studios, it is one of their core beliefs that great design comes from continuous iteration and enhancement as well as innovation is important to progressing. Not only this, but they also keep in mind that breaking things is an important part of learning. The diverse team behind it all takes great pleasure in creating highly entertaining and compelling products exclusively for Microgaming and their customers. 

The extensive digital portfolio at Microgaming will strengthen from the unique personality and expertise of Slingshot Studios as they are developing original games with intriguing engines and features which are all targeted for the appropriate audiences and target markets. The content from Slingshot Studios is unlike anything else all thanks to their drive to challenge themselves in the process of creation. 

Slingshot Studios Key to success 

Slingshot Studios stands apart from the rest because they evolve and move in a positive direction with their energy and imagination which is their key to success. The team puts forth a lot of their energy in building games that people will love to play which is something that they truly enjoy doing. The creators and developers of these games are excited to get them out in the world and share them with Microgaming for the various operators’ players to have fun and enjoy them to the fullest! 

The creative director at Slingshot Studios, Richard Vermaak claimed that, ‘At Slingshot, our energy and imagination push us forward’. 

Games discussion

Their first slot to launch out of their exclusive partnership with Mircrogaming was, Cash of Kingdoms which is a light-hearted Medieval themed slot with a sweet touch of fantasy. This colourful and cartoon animated slot consists of 15 paylines as well as a special invading wild feature which can benefit your gameplay positively. Essentially, what this feature does is invades an adjacent reel to any that are fully stacked with wilds on certain reels and then will turn that adjacent reel into a fully wild reel as well. What’s even more is that it’s possible for this feature to be active during the free spins round, too! So, with the additional wilds, a special win multiplier and the free spins round, Cash Kingdom creates some epic winning potential for players of all levels. 

All-in-all, the features of Cash of Kingdoms are refreshing and uncommon, as Slingshot Studios promised their games to be, while at the same time has more than enough action for players! Not only this, but the animations are unique and eye-catching making the entire experience sensational. 

There are more games that are due to be created and developed by Slingshot Studios exclusively for Microgaming to be launched in the near future, all with the same promise to be authentic as well as containing refreshing elements to the features or style of the games. 

Slingshot Studios Conclusion

The unique personality and expertise from Slingshot Studios is what makes them a great extension to Microgaming’s digital portfolio as they are committed to developing original games with exciting mechanics and features targeted at the desired markets and audiences. With fantastic content development and a powerful drive to create as well as challenge is what makes the team at Slingshot Studios one of a kind. 

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