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Skywind Group

Skywind Group is an entertainment technology solution provider whose services cover everything from mobile to desktop, both online and offline. Not only do they create a variety of slot machines, but they also take care of the platforms, backend management systems and everything else that’s needed to run them, offering these services for other operators as well. Read on to find out more about this provider that’s made a big name for themselves over the last 6 years.

The games we currently offer by Skywind Group are;


Lothar Matthäus 

Dragon Gems

Star Trek The Next Generation

Boomerang Edge

Buffalo Lightning 

Mermaid Beauty 

Wild Five

Dolphin Delight

Respin Mania

The strongest foundations

Skywind Group was established in 2012 by Teddy Sagi, owner, founder, and largest shareholder of the gaming giant, Playtech. With a name like that, it’s no wonder that Skywind is steadily becoming a big name in the business thanks to its team of very experienced and knowledgeable developers. The company is based in the Isle of Man but has development centres all over the globe, including Australia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Latvia, Belarus and the Philippines. The team consists of over 500 specialists, all working across Skywind’s global network to supply a flow of games, products, and services every month. 

Skywind Group games

Skywind has produced an impressive variety of slot machines with over 30 different titles, with different themes and playing experiences to suit all tastes. What their games have in common are, without a doubt, detailed graphics, creative design, and innovative features to keep things interesting for the player. Their graphics are especially impressive, with bright, smooth colours and eye-catching designs. 

You will find fantasy-themed games, slots inspired by traditional fruit machines, Asian themed games as well as Egyptian and Greek themed slots, animal games as well as fairytale-inspired games, just to mention a few of Skywind Group’s versatile portfolio. If you’re not familiar with the name Skywind, that’s probably because most of their games are run through their partner Playtech’s software, so you’ve probably seen many of their games under the name Playtech rather than their own. 

Branching out

Skywind has a sizable portfolio of video slots, but they don’t just stop there! They’ve also released a few arcade games which are nothing like you’re used to if you’re a regular player of video slots. For example, games like Fu Fish involves a lot more action than your standard 5-reel slots. This game and others like it are much more skill-based rather than only chance-based and involve skill, decision making and some aiming skills as well! They involve fun gameplay and plenty of action, so it’s definitely a plus for Skywind Group to have this genre of games added to their portfolio. This is one of many ways in which this smart company ensures that they are catering for a variety of gamers with different tastes and desires. 

More than just games

Besides slot machines and arcade games, Skywind Group branched out even further than that. For example, they’re also behind a lot of software that helps other operators run their business. One of their biggest projects is the Global Management System (GMS), a system designed to cover all of an operator’s management needs. It’s a comprehensive hub of services with a system that allows the operator to use specific services as needed or to use the GMS full package of services. The wide range of services include everything from payment gateways, affiliate systems, a content management system, a deep learning behavioural engine to gather information on player’s activities, and so much more. Skywind Group is also behind the gaming platform, Falcon.  This is a gaming platform that can be easily integrated into existing systems by offering a cross channel Jack-Pot Networks and a set of APIs allowing the operator to combine with the GMS or any other management tool.

A company that is 100% Retail compatible

All products and services offered by Skywind Group also support retail and land-based gaming floors. This is truly a company that is well-integrated in the iGaming business, with an impressive range of services covering major operators’ needs both online and offline. Thanks to a comprehensive suite of APIs and SDKs, Skywind Group can tap into any terminal device and can offer integration with QR/Bar Code readers, support with limits, restrictions, and configuration, physical cashier centres support, and much more.

Revolutionary Virtual Studio

The list of services offered by Skywind Group just keeps growing and it’s not hard to see why they are a valuable partner for any major gaming operator to partner with. Another amazing service they offer is their unique, “do-it-yourself” Virtual Studio which allows an operator to create high-quality games in a matter of weeks, turning it into an HTML5-friendly game. Getting it up and running is a breeze with their own Falcon platform and operators can immediately start engaging their players by making use of this service.

The future looks bright for Skywind Group

There are many reasons why this online casino software provider will continue to grow and enjoy more and more success. First off, their game portfolio alone boasts over 30, high-quality games with a good variety to choose from. Secondly, besides developing games that are sure to be a hit, Skywind Group’s ability to provide such a wide range of services to allow other gaming operators to distribute their games, supply them with tailored software and distribution solutions to reach all their goals is another reason for their success. This is how Skywind Group has consistently established itself as a trusted name in the industry for gaming operators to partner with and for players to enjoy their games. 

If you want to read more about this game provider, reach out the website here.