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Side City

Emphasising on high quality, premium graphics, unique mathematics, versatile solutions, and an ability to offer games internationally is something that is key to becoming a reliable and well-liked game supplier with followers always coming back for more. All of this, and then some, Side City has and offers – and it is why we are so thrilled to have them with us.

Games offered at Videoslots by Side City;

Jolly's Gifts 

Fortunes of The Dead 

Venice Magic  

What is Side City? 

Side City is a company established in 1999 and is one based in the Canadian city of Montreal. This was the start of a third party developer game studio for land-based, online, and social gaming markets based in Montreal, Canada. It is a company focusing on providing everything from immersive solutions, to high-quality games, and high-performing content for gaming overall – all of this offered to the biggest gaming operators in the world today. 

Side City goals, visions, and missions

Side City is a third party developer for land-based, online, and social gaming markets based in Montreal, Canada. It is a gaming studio that offers full-service turnkey products to some of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Via these operators and partners, it delivers its products and games globally. But what is their main focus and emphasis? 

To deliver high-quality, premium graphics, and unique math models are something that Side City is aiming to do in every single making. Side City has developed some of the best performing content in the industry, this with the help of two strengths. These are the commitment to maintain close relationships with its clients and partners. The second is the team which is made of outstanding, motivated, and experienced people who all work tirelessly to meet the high standards of quality. But Side City itself, states that the most important quality they hold to be the best in supplying of games is the passion and dedication for games that they all hold. 

This is all part of Side City Studio´s mission – where it sets great use in the knowledge and experience by combining expertise in 3D, Video games, HD Productions, and new media. They embrace all new advances in technology that could benefit different sectors of the industry and use it to discover new fields of applications to name one. To make all of this happen, they need a team with all the same goals and visions – and they are very thorough in hiring people with vast experience and goals set in their minds already. The artists working for Side City, for instance, are all known to be the best . just as their creations. All artists combine their talents with technical skills in fields such as design, scripting, illustrations, graphics, 3D, editing, and animation. These important qualities also go for its project managers, coordinators, technical directors, programmers, and more. This basically says that everything created by Side City is created in-house.

Side City games & products

The games and the products offered by this brilliant supplier are all made as high-quality products and will see this the moment you open the portfolio and try their products. But the variety of products goes a lot further to what we will offer you – apart from online games, Side City also offers a wide portfolio of video and television products, digital cinema, video games, PC, online games, but also offering iPhone applications, art direction, and digital signage.

We will, however, settle for talking about the wide and grand range of casino products. These consisting of the production of Slot machines, HD Progressive Jackpot screens and casino interiors. All games are equipped with high-quality designs and graphics, innovative themes, smart characters, enriching views, and rewarding features – which you will see the moment you start one of the games. 

One of the games we offer at now is Venice Magic Video Slot. This is a game offering its players a beautiful view of the Venice canals, with a theme inspired by the infamous Venetian Carnival. This is a time where everyone dresses in Renaissance clothing and masquerade masks covering the face. This is a massive celebration, and it has been perfectly portrayed in the game. Along with this, comes with Tower and Joker Wilds, Zodiac Wheels, Free Spins, full Wilds Reels, and Multipliers. It is a great gaming experience with many chances of landing the big wins – in the middle of this beautiful floating city. 


Side City arrived at in September of 2017, and it is an honour for us to be one of the operators having the pleasure of offering its games to our players. There will surely be more to come, and we are thrilled to see what that is. 

In the meanwhile, we can indulge in the game we do have, and it will be nothing but a pleasure to try out while awaiting more. Side City is a dedicated, trustworthy, respected, and highly appreciated game supplier that brings everything one can possibly need from a supplier. To believe it you simply need to try it!

Find out more info about Side City visit the website here.