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Shuffle Master

Let us introduce you to SHFL Entertainment Inc., formerly known as Shuffle Master Inc. This company was founded 1982 in Minneapolis by John Breeding. Today they are a company with approximately 750 employees and have its headquarter in Paradise, Nevada.

Games offered by Shuffle Master at Videoslots;

The strong founders of Shuffle

John Breeding was a truck driver that was very tired of his job, and one day he decided to do something about it. He read in a newspaper about card counters that were used in Las Vegas for blackjack, and how they worked and decided to develop his own. He took a loan of $ 30,000 from the start up to try and make his mechanical card shuffler. It took time, a lot of time, but finally, after 9 years his shuffler was patented and approved for use in several gaming jurisdictions.

But, by the time he developed his 1 deck card shuffler, most of the casinos had started to use 6 deck shoes on their blackjack tables. Breeding then had to provide a need for his single deck shuffler – 1995 he developed Let it Ride, a table game he leased out to the casinos, and this pretty quickly outweighed the income from producing the shuffle machines. 1998 the company had its shufflers placed in 4820 casinos or other legal gaming establishments. 1880 units were on lease, and 2940 shufflers were sold. This was also the year the company moved to Las Vegas. 1999 the company purchased the rights to Derek Webb´s - Three Card Poker, introduced in 1997.

All about the Shuffle

This is now SHFL Entertainment Inc.’s largest income producer, and the game can be found in 1600 casinos worldwide. This year they also developed a series of multi-deck card shufflers. These could shuffle two to eight deck of cards and be used mostly for blackjack and mini-baccarat. In the late 90´s they expanded into the business for slot machines. They also started to work with bigger companies such as IGT and Bally for them to distribute them.

In the late 90´s they expanded into the business for slot machines. They also started to work with bigger companies such as IGT and Bally for them to distribute them. In 2000 they introduced a new and better multiple deck card shuffler called the King, this machine made counting cards virtually impossible. The slot machine business didn´t make a profit for Shuffle Master, and in 2004 they sold it to IGT for $ 1,6 million.

At the beginning of 2004, Shuffle Master bought parts of BET Technology, a table game developer. And in 2006 SHFL Entertainment Inc. got back into the slot machines business, buying Stargames Limited, an Australian manufacturer. In 2011 a former employee at Bally Technology, Gavin Isaacs, was named CEO for Shuffle Master, and in October 2012 they changed their name to SHFL Entertainment Inc. to show the diversity of the products they are offering. Bally Technologies agreed to obtain SHFL Entertainment Inc. in November 2013.

The games and conclusion 

SHFL Entertainment Inc. offers table games and online gaming such as mobile applications and video slot machines. One game that they offer is 88 Fortunes – this is a video slot inspired by the Chinese theme. You will see symbols that are related to the Chinses culture, and deep red and golden colours are taking over the reels. You will find both a bonus game and a free spins game in 88 Fortune video slot, and we can assure you that you will like it. You might even get activate the jackpot! This happens if you land one or more Fu Bat symbols on the reels. But it is important to remember that the number of gold plated symbols, activated on the reels, effects your chance to win the jackpot. If there have been enough of them, 12 gold coins will appear, and now your job is to find 3 similar symbols to determine which jackpot that will be yours.

To sum it all up – SHFL Entertainment Inc. offers shuffling machines, table games, slot machines and much more. They designed one of the primary card shuffling machines used in casinos; it´s called Deck Mate. 

This is a game provider that is constantly growing and changing to be in the loop of what is happening in the casino world, both land based and online. They are a hard working team that wants to provide the players with good products. We are sure you will enjoy their games and feel fully entertained while doing it!

You can find more information about Shuffle Master here at the SG'website.