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Reel Time Gaming

Reel Time Gaming is a company that has been providing top class games for the gambling industry all over the world since their establishment in 2009. Their strong team is made up of around 50 talented software developers, artists, game designers, testers, and members who boast over 20 years of experience in this growing industry. 

The games we currently offer by Reel Time Gaming are;

Eye of Horus

Fishin' Frenzy 

El Torero 

Scribes of Thebes


Knockout Wins

Woop Woop

Reel Time Gaming’s land-based beginnings

Their company is headquartered in Queensland and is a privately-owned company that started out as a developer of land-based gaming cabinets before moving on to create online slot machines years later. The cabinets manufactured by Reel Time Gaming support an array of high-end technology including 22-inch wide screens, HD graphics and user-friendly interfaces. Even better, they’re programmed to work across multiple markets across the world and are available in a multitude of different languages. 

Moving on with the fast-growing industry

Despite their success with land-based games, the iGaming industry was moving fast towards internet based online gaming and Reel Time Gaming was quick to adapt to this change and move towards success in the modern gambling world. That’s why Reel Time Gaming, keen to keep up with the times, decided to partner up with GameAccount Network in 2013. GameAccount Network is one of the leading distributors of online slot machines in the European market, with some of their casino partners including big names. This partnership allowed them to transfer their slot machines to the ever-growing online markets in countries like the UK, Spain, Italy, and more. 

One of their aims is to provide support for their games from start to finish, for the “full life-cycle of the game”, as they describe it. This means that the talented team at Reel Time Gaming oversees a game from its initial concept, through its development and all the way to its approval. 

Reel Time Gaming slot machines

Even though they’re not one of the oldest companies around, Reel Time Gaming already has an impressive portfolio of over 100 titles for a variety of manufacturers and operators all over the world. They’re distributed through the company’s own gaming cabinet system as well, so we can safely say that this is a truly hands-on company who oversees every aspect of their games.  

Their games boast amazing graphics, great designs, state-of-the-art mathematical models and plenty of exciting experimentation with different themes and style to suit all kinds of players. They’ve got themes like Asian, Egyptian, underwater worlds, sports, animals, traditional fruit machines and everything in between. It’s safe to say that whatever your tastes, you’ll probably find a slot you’ll love in Reel Time Gaming’s diverse portfolio.

The majority of their slots follow the 5-reel standard slot, offering some standard features like plenty of free spins and bonuses along with some unpredictable surprises too. At first glance, a few slots might look generic, but you’ll be happy to find out there’s plenty of surprises hiding beneath their simple façade. For example, a game like Dragon’s Flame might look quite traditional, but that’s until you start spinning the reels, bringing the dragon to life thanks to the game’s amazing 3D animations that make the Dragon jump out of your screen. 

Sometimes, Reel Time gaming changes things up by going for a light-hearted kind of game, veering off from more traditional slots with more serious, majestic themes. For example, Holey Moley is a 5-reel slot that’s all about a cheeky mole and its antics. The game is intended to put a smile on your face thanks to its cartoon graphics and amusing sound effects. 

Another example of Reel Time Gaming’s impressively varied themes would definitely be Convertus Aurum. This is an interesting game that seems to be the only one of its kind, exploring the deep secrets of ancient science and the art of alchemy. It’s a mesmerising theme with exciting features like bonus elements that turn symbols into gold. 

If that sounds interesting, explore even further and experience a traditional Spanish bull fight in El Torero, a game that brings to life a popular Spanish tradition combined with free spins and great prizes. Reel Time Gaming is definitely a company that is not afraid to take a few risks and explore themes that are completely out-of-the box. 

Why choose Reel Time Gaming

If you enjoy action-packed slots that are big, bold, and adventurous, you’ll definitely find something you like at Reel Time Gaming. This Australian-based company has done a great job to establish itself as a serious company in the online gambling world, as they’ve proven through their partnerships with companies like GameAccount Network. They still offer traditional land-based games, so for lovers of traditional slot machines can still enjoy top quality games in a land-based scenario. 

Up next for Reel Time Gaming

So far, the company isn’t one of biggest in the world, since it remains privately owned with a staff number that is still on the smaller side. However, this gaming provider appears to be growing consistently stronger, with an ever-growing game portfolio that continues to provide games that never fail to reach their very high standard. Moreover, their aim is to continue to offer its services to a larger number of jurisdictions across the globe in a range of well-respected online casinos. 

With that in mind, this company is set to become a much bigger name in the industry, and we can’t wait to see what unique products they’re still to come up with! 

If you wish to know more about Reel Time Gaming, you can read all about the company and its services here