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Realistic Games

Many years’ experience in the gaming industry is always an advantage to hold when starting a business – and this is just one of the reasons behind this game developers grand knowledge in what to grant players and operators. A key to success is being able to keep a good and strong partnership, as well as being able to offer something that not all have. 

We are, of course, talking about Realistic Games!

The top Realistic games offered by are;

Time is Money

6 Appeal Deluxe

Super Graphics Lucky Cats

8th Wonder


Fun Size Fireworks

Sunset Reels

Super Graphics Upside Down

Hot Cross Bunnies

Big Wheel

What is Realistic Games?

Back in 2002, a group of passionate entrepreneurs came together to found Realistic Games. The company was started with a goal and vision to be able to offer high-quality content for some of the biggest and world leading gaming operators. They do this with a team of all specialities and professions needed to reach their goals. Their technologists, designers, artists, and modellers work alongside the commercial and marketing teams to get to where they need to be. All in the team has years of experience in both the terrestrial and digital arenas. As they are strong believers in their own product knowledge, makes them a step ahead of many other providers out there. 

The extensive experience of the team has been gained as operators, professional gaming machine designers, and players of gaming products. This means that they have been right in it all, seen it all, and done it all – and this grants them an inside view that helps in the creation of games. It makes sure that they are able to create true, premium quality electronic gaming content that is delivered across multiple channels and across a wide range of media.

The first releases of Realistic

Realistic Games worked hard and long to get their first products out on the markets, and between the years of 2005 and 2009, they saw the release of their first half a dozen games. They delivered these to some of the biggest operators – which made sure that people would get a good look at the offers from Realistic Games, as a lot of players could now play new games from Realistic. At that same time, they also released a so-called FOBT content into the Cyberview platform. This is a fixed-odds betting terminal, mostly for Roulette. 

Up to this time, Realistic Games had only released content through a third party – but in 2008, they decided that they didn’t want to anymore. Due to many factors, Realistic decided to instead branch out on their own. As a result of this, their technology experts spent the next 2 years developing the Realistic Games library, which is also called ReGal. 

What is ReGal?

ReGal first started being produced in April of 2011 through an integration with the so-called Finsoft Shared Wallet. More of these occurred later and frequently, and the signings were all with some of the biggest operators, and you have surely heard of all of them.

ReGal is a platform that uses commercial software all written in Java, and this is scalable, robust, high-capacity, and managed by Realistic Games from an installation in Gibraltar. This supports most ways of gambling, from single, multiplayer, fixed odds, to progressive and tournament gaming products. All operators can access ReGal and its versatility has proven to be an utter success for Realistic as well as for the operating partners.

What makes Realistic Games unique apart from the ReGal, is the fact that everything offered by Realistic Games is produced in-house, they have their own platform, and owns all of its IP. This is something that pleases most – and is surely one of many that make Realistic stand out a bit more. 

Realistic portfolio

The games from Realistic Games and the entire portfolio is a wide blend of types of games. The company isn’t focusing on solely one thing, but multiple to allow more entertainment opportunities. Realistic specialises in tailoring Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, and fixed odds bets to a wide range of devices. These all include PC´s, iPads, iPhones, Androids, and tablets – but also, cool enough, in gambling machines on the high street. Most of all these games are distributed via the ReGal games platform, which makes all games easily accessible.

The games we mentioned further above, all show exactly what you can expect from Realistic Games, being Video Slots that you can enjoy with fun themes and interesting attributes. 


Realistic Games is certainly a giant in the industry, and even though its fairly young age, it has managed to create a huge and versatile portfolio, offered to all of the very best operators in the business. This along with the software’s created, and how they strive to be accessible for all – all the time – has made sure that Realistic Games has gained a respected reputation in the industry.

It is surely time to check out all that Realistic Games has to offer – and you can start with their portfolio at, now! 

Visit their website here, if you wish to read more information about this game provider.