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Probability Jones

Probability Jones is a software development company that is concerned with the invention and development of original single and multiplayer games for online wagering entertainment. The company has a firm belief in the importance of approaching their creative process with the intention to excite, delight and surprise. It is made clear on their site that from their inception, they wanted to build a brand that has a very strong consumer focus, in order to give the players the enjoyment and the experience that they are looking for. 

Read on to find more about Probability Jones, their successful strategies in iGaming, and why we’re so glad to introduce them their games in our casino! 

Probability Jones Games offered on our casino;

You can play the following games from Probability Jones at Videoslots, and always keep an eye out for more of their slots featuring on our online casino in the near future! 

Bird Jewelled

Red Hot Win Spin

How Probability Jones Started

Probability Jones were founded in 2016 by CEO David Newstead and are now based in Norwich in the UK. The company has a firm belief in the importance of having experienced team members and indeed they have been very well acquainted with the industry and have further developed themselves by expanding their game distribution and strategy with a deal with Singular. 

Probability Jones Portfolio

Before really saying anything, it is important to state that at this stage, Probability Jones don’t have that many games online but one can be sure that this is just temporary. But for now, let us take a quick look at their portfolio, which as you will see, although having three launched games and an upcoming one, is already trying to cater for different tastes and hitting every game milestone in slot gaming.  

One of their first in-house game was Red Hot Win Spin which shows a cool promising journey for the company. The game is a reinterpretation of the classic fruit slot, adapted with a more contemporary spin, yet with the simplicity that is essential when recreating the very familiar traditional structure. This is naturally a great move by the developers because the classic liberty bell slots have always remained favourites for many people and this move is an acknowledgment of a well-loved and familiar classic. 

Another game of theirs is Bird Jewelled which takes from the ‘Chain Reactor’ style based game, and is a playful mix of popular casual games that were re-designed for the casino industry. As usual and as you can expect, the graphics are quite something and one needs to experience it to appreciate the cool reel innovations. 

They also have a scratch card game which is called The Everlasting Scratchcard, which is themed with sweets and candy, offering some awesome features, but also playing with pop cultural imagery that will ring a certain set of bells for many people and they will certainly enjoy its familial aspect. 

What Makes Probability Jones Different?

Perhaps one of the very main aspects of the developers in this case is the attention to their superb graphics. Any gamer who experiences their slots instantly notices the great effort that is put into the design, even when it comes to games with relatively basic dynamics. There is also a certain direct and straightforward user-friendliness whilst engaging with a sense of minimalism which you can also notice from their very stripped down site, on which they promote the games on their first front, again showing the priority they give to them. 

Apart from this, they strive to build their company with a very strong consumer focus, which is why, as is already evident, their content will be consisting of a variety of games that cater for individual players’ likings, whether it be classic slots, themed-slots, dynamically-innovative slots or more casino-based slots. 

Games discussion

They’ve launched their company with a triad of games that includes Red Hot Win Spin, and two others; The Everlasting Scratchcard and Bird Jewelled, from which one can only surmise that they are going for variety in game type, style, execution and delivery. It’s a definite certainty and not a probability, that Probability Jones are starting on the right track. Watch out for this company; it’s not the last time you’re going to be hearing about them for sure!

We’re excited to be bringing you Probability Jones slots on our online casino and we look forward to see what’s next from this provider!

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