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Pirates Gold Studios

Pirates Gold Studios is a privately held gaming company that was founded in 2016 with its headquarters stationed in sunny Los Angeles, California. Pirates Gold Studios is a unique company that began one wild night in a run cantina on a weather-beaten tropical island where there was a captain and his best mates! The captain and his crew laid awake in the stormy weather, making plans to conquer the high seas of skilled-based gaming. 

The very next day was when these four entertainment experts got together to set out in order to make their mark in the world, and that’s how Pirates Gold Studios first began. 

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Barry the Disco Leprechaun

Lucky Cat

The heart of Pirates Gold Studios 

According to the captain of Pirates Gold Studios, research in development is embedded in the heart of their company. They believe that great ideas only become a great success if it’s a leading hit with their customers which is why every day, they make sure to listen to their audience, and make every important aspect of their customer experience one-of-a-kind. 

The Pirates Gold Studios team 

The team at Pirates Gold Studios is culturally diverse in combination with seasoned creative, strategic and technically savvy talents. Not only are they talented in these fields, the Pirates Gold Studios team also has years of experience in business development, games production globally and licensing entertainment law.

What makes Pirates Gold Studios different?

These are three aspects that makes Pirates Gold Studios stand out: 


Pirates Gold Studios creates an exclusive mixture of casual and gambling game systems. The concepts of their games are new yet familiar with their priority being to engage and capture the interest of players! Their approach starts with integrating a concept and storyline, while at the same time creatively considering strong casino themes and gaming tradition. 


Within the gaming industry, skill-based gaming is a challenge, which is why Pirates Gold Studios searches for ways to innovate each iteration as their crew works overtime to break new ground with solutions and challenges. Pirates Gold Studios is going above and beyond to create more than just the average, casual game that allow betting. Instead, they are combining vital loops slot and other mechanical systems for a new category of arcade gambling games! 

Point of View 

For Pirates Gold Studios, the winning formula is to design games that resonate strongly with their audience. Their secret ingredients include a blend of creativity, game design and gambling know-how.

Pirates Gold Studios Games

Pirates Gold Studios produces games that are innovatively breaking out from the norm with passion and a big concentration on the audience’s wants and needs. They also take into consideration combining engaging gameplay mechanics along with skill based KPIs. The crew at Pirates Gold Studios has a strong art team as well as an extremely skilled game development team that all love to make arcade gambling games! 

Pirates Gold Studios has an array of interesting games designed with cartoon inspired graphics. The themes of the games are exclusive, distinct and unlike any out there which makes the gameplay special as well as exciting. 

Cosmic Candy Heist 

Cosmic Candy Heist is a unique and amusing game containing a very interesting theme, animations and features. The theme of this game takes place in outer space which is full of unwanted invaders that will do anything to get their limbs on the prized candy in this match game. 

The main objective in this game is to play as a super-agent and stop the aliens from getting their slippery tentacles on the delicious candy. In order to collect the candy rockets, you must match three or more of the candies beside a chest on the game grid in order to unlock it which will potentially award you tokens or rockets. 

This game is loaded with various features such as a mystery box and multipliers. Matching the candy combos will add to your score, so if you get a score of 15, 000 you will unlock a mystery box! Once you collect eight rockets, you will potentially win big. Each rocket will fill part of the in-game multiplier meter; the more rockets, the higher the multiplier.

The Fruit Frenzy Celebration

The Fruit Frenzy is a Greek mythology inspired slot, set on Olympus with two characters that you get to choose from to star in this game; they will match fruits to serve and satisfy Zeus. In doing so, you get to reap rewards as well as you match up three or more of these abundant fruit symbols.

The goal in this game is to turn the collected fruits into delicious wine! Matching the fruits will fill the corresponding bar at the top of the game board, with each bar containing a different multiplier. When the bar fills up entirely, the fruits will be turned into wine and the multiplier win amount will be awarded! 

This game also features random boosts which include a Mighty Zeus or a Charmed Apple power-up which all have special bonus effects embedded within them. The free games feature will award you with one to five free rounds! That’s not all though, The Fruit Frenzy Celebration also features a jackpot game where you could potentially score up to 10,000 points if you manage to unlock them! 

Pirates Gold Studios Conclusion

Pirates Gold Studios is an exceptional gaming company from the U.S.A that has a wonderful crew of devoted experts and enthusiasts. When creating games, they put all their efforts and passion towards innovating beyond what’s already out there while ensuring that what they have to offer is what their audience wants. 

The games from Pirates Gold Studios are unique, with catchy themes, appealing animations and engaging features. We can’t wait to see what more is to come from Pirates Gold Studios! 

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