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Old Skool Studios

Old Skool is a game developer and provider, fairly young, that was founded back in 2010. It is a game provider focusing on everything – making them one of the providers out there that actually offers nothing but flawless, innovative, and unique games for all the best operators. It is time to find out just why Old Skool Studios is one of the best when seeing modern, innovative, and stylish games. 

Right now, the Old Skool Studios games offered at are;

La Rouge

Jewel Quest Riches


The story of Old Skool

Old Skool Studios has been creating, designing, and developing online games since the year 2010, all through their service studio by the name of LM Design Werks. They signed their first partnership as soon as in 2011, and from there on, it went fast and good. They continued to sign new deals and partnerships, all with the biggest and best operators of casinos, as well as with services. From there, they went on to apps and online games delivered to the best out there. 

In 2014, they launched the game Epic City, and this was a brilliant game release on their part – a game that has been praised all over the world for its unique and beautiful designs, rewarding features, and high-quality graphics. This game was in 2016 also launched through Microgamings´ Quickfire – and got yet another praise for its stunning uprising. 

Old Skool Studios strives high, with a quest to take over the world with their love for games. What is most important to them is how the games are actually built – and for them, it starts with a strong narrative. To have a good base with a good story to tell within the game is for Old Skool Studios the key to a successful and great game. Without a theme that truly allures, there wouldn’t be anything luring enough. This narrative is clearly shown in all games bought by Old Skool Studios, as all of them offers themes that you can’t see anywhere else, perfectly designed accordingly, and engaging as few others. 

The mission of Old Skool

As Old Skool Studios says themselves, a great game starts off with some solids mathematics behind it all – but that the game needs to have a strong and good narrative to become successful too. For them, a great game is one that will lure you in, engage you with its theme and designs, and that keeps you coming back for more. This is what they focus on when creating all the games– and when trying them out – you can see exactly that. 

Their main goals are, and always will be, to create unique and engaging games that are available across all platforms. The games are all available in HTML5 and are available everywhere and in a total of 24 languages. This is something unique for a game provider, as many don't offer this. This might be why so many turn to Old Skool Studios when craving a game people can relate to and enjoy from – hour after hour.

Old Skool Studios also focuses a lot on partnership and keeping them as good as can be. For them, keeping a close relationship with their partners is one of the keys to success. 

Old Skool games

To know how they manage to create these stunning games, you might need to know more about the one creating them. The team of Old Skool are all of the leaders with over 20 years of experience in their areas. The creative director is a woman with 26 years’ experience in creative design and arts. She is the responsible one behind both conception and design of the games brought by Old Skool Studios – and she creates the art style, the narrative, and the user experience – and she does it incredibly well. 

The developer is one with 20 years´ experience in developing high performance and graphically cool games. He has been developing software with a focus on HTML5 for these 20 years, making him a professional of his own kind. 

The executive producer is one of the multiple and long experiences too – one with 30 years of studio operations, IP design, publishing, licensing finance, and a great deal more. 

This team is together with the A-team – unbreakable. They are the perfect match for creative flawless games of diversity, perfection, and innovation. 

Seeing their games will make you understand just everything mentioned above – as the moment you enter one of their games, you will be left in awe. 

Offered at right now, is La Rouge Video Slot. A stunning game that sets back to the 40´s glamorous Hollywood film era. It’s a game offering you beautiful graphics, immensely advanced designs, thrilling Bonus games, and a great deal more features. There is nothing missing – and as a player, you get all you can possibly imagine.

To sum up Old Skool

To sum up, Old Skool Studios is fairly easy – it is a successful game developer that puts its focus on just the right things. For being a very young company, they have already managed to find their own style, ways of success, and a way forward – and they know just how to get to where they want. 

We would recommend all to check out their games, with innovative and unique themes, new kinds of features, and simply incredible graphics and designs. 

You can read more about Old Skool Studios here