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Mutuel Play

Mutuel Play Ltd was first launched in October 2016 and has its headquarters in Surrey, UK. Mutuel Play was established with a clear vision to create impeccable, one-of-a-kind content for both the online and the retail gaming sectors. The team at Mutuel Play works seamlessly in order to develop games in HTML5 so that they can be ported across all platforms and devices with ease. Furthermore, Mutuel Play always keeps mobile at the forefront when they are producing games for players, especially considering the mobile generation that exists today. 

Additionally, the experts at Mutuel Play enjoy working closely with their operators so that they can guarantee that the games will get the highest success rate. For Mutuel Play, it is a priority for them to collaborate in all areas of development as well as design; from the initial concept, to initialisation, and all the way to the user testing phase before anything is launched. This process ensures that the finished product is of the highest quality for their end users. The core aim for Mutuel Play is to generate top notch content for the particular audience that their partners are targeting. 

Mutuel Play works hard to assure that the content they create is first-class, innovative and intriguing for players. They do this by introducing a unique feature with each game they launch, focusing on aspects that will increase player time on all devices, increase the number of re-visits, and the overall perceived entertainment value!

Games by Mutuel Play offered on our casino  

We are thrilled to bring you games created from Mutuel Play Ltd to Videoslots, so we are starting off by offering the following game at Videoslots: 

The Showman 

Candy Burst 

Cosmic Fusion 

The Wild Mob 

There will be more to come from this provider so, keep an eye out for more of the wonderful developments and innovations from Mutuel Play joining our ever-growing online casino in the near future. 

How it all began at Mutuel Play

The founder of Mutuel Play, Rhys Owen, established this company because he had a strong desire to bring life to his newly developed product ideas and to put them out on the market immediately. Rhys has a strong background as well as a high level of experience within the gaming industry which is why when developing Mutuel Play Ltd, he felt that it was the right time to start up something on his own! 

Rhys wanted to be a disruptor in the industry and launch all types of new, thrilling games while also developing new features for existing games. 

Mutuel Play - What do they do?

Mutuel Play has a wide range of services that they offer to the public consisting of a lot more than just game creation and development. Their impressive list of services includes game design, game development, game mathematics, web design, mobile app development, innovative content, UXI, support and consultancy!

The team behind it all at Mutuel Play has many years of experience in creative design working confidently with both 2D and 3D animations to create slots, scratch cards, multiplayer games as well as casino table games. Not only this, but their front-end developers build in HTML5 so that it’s simple and seamless to port content across multiple platforms. Alongside their front-end developers, the back-end developers at Mutuel Play work with numerous forms of code such as Golang, Python and Java. In addition, their game mathematicians cover both the online and retail content for major game providers. 

Mutuel Play puts a lot of effort towards creating unique content for providers that would like to convert their business into an industry leader! Their knowledge and experience in designing websites for gambling companies can be an added asset in transforming business to the next level. 

Their expertise doesn’t stop there, Mutuel Play also has experience in getting provider games into the Apple App Store or the Google Play store with the use of a native wrapper or by developing a fully native application completely from scratch! Mutuel Play also takes pride in fusing the latest UXI standards for any type of device or platform that they are working with.

Furthermore, when it comes to support, Mutuel Play works hard to create as well as maintain long term partnerships by fully analysing product launches and continuously refining as well as reshaping their solutions in order to get the best return on investments. 

Mutuel Play’s Key to Success

Mutuel Play’s key to success has a lot to do with the various types of services that they provide to their clients. It’s not only the long list that they have to offer the industry, but the diversity and depth of it all alongside the expertise and care that is put into each and every service that they offer. 

Mutuel Play – The games

Mutuel Play Ltd has a wide variety of slots that are made up of different themes, layouts, colour schemes as well as functions. In their portfolio, there is a good amount of the more traditional styled slots which are always great staples to have. For example, Cosmic fusion is a gem-themed slot that takes place somewhere very far in space. Juicy Fruity is another example of a fun, bright slot inspired by fruit machines.

Aside from the more classic slots from Mutuel Play, they also have more unique themes such as Splatter Cake, a slot inspired by various tasty looking cakes and other desserts. There’s also Lumberjack Cash, a quirky lumberjack themed slot and The Showman which is a magic show inspired slot. The Wild Mob is also a very unique game, featuring a mobster chipmunk as the star of the show. 

Mutuel Play conclusion

With a growing portfolio containing an interesting variety of themes and styles along with a comprehensive and impressive list of different services offered to the iGaming industry, Mutuel Play is steadily making a name for themselves. We can’t wait to see what’s next in line from this provider and where their next slot will take us!

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