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Merkur Gaming

Merkur Gaming, an innovative and creative company based on knowledge and professionalism. Merkur specialises mostly in development and sales of land-based AWP/street and casino slot machines and VLT and SBG solutions. 

These are the Top 10 games from Merkur Gaming;

Magic Mirror Deluxe II

Knight's Life

Gold of Persia


Magic Mirror 

Blazin Star

Dragons Treasure

Super 7 Reels

Double Triple Chance

Flames of Egypt

But what are AWP, VLT, and SBG?

If you are not familiar with VLT and SBG solutions – then we will let you in on what Merkur does exactly. 

VLT is short for Video Lottery Technology, and SBG is Server-based Gaming. A VLT is a gaming machine that allows players to bet on the outcome of a video game. It is very similar to a slot machine as each terminal is a stand-alone device that contains a random-number generator. 

SGB is, on the other hand, a solution employed by video lotteries and casinos to operate their VLT´s and gaming machines in - this means slot machines. This creates the possibility to play multi-channel gaming, which allows players to play games on other platforms, such as mobile. There are many pros with the SBG, and it is an important part of Merkur and their games.

Merkur focuses and experience

Merkur has more than 10 years’ experience in this sector, and they have over 20.000 connected machines on their server – this to suit all clients´ needs and requests. The system is compatible with all games provided by Merkur, to grant the players the best possible gaming experience. It might be the most vital part for Merkur, as they focus deeply on maintaining a safe, comfortable, ergonomic, and easy going experience for the players. 

Merkur develops and operates these high-class systems all across Europe, partnering up with local IT´s to help them in the process. This enables the connection of an unlimited number of terminals from different casinos to a central server as well as a local network. The VLT is designed to grant the highest possible flexibility and efficiency – this to grant access levels for casino operators, staff, and more. Everything in the system can be monitored, configured, and managed. 

The best features of this are the fact that the games are downloadable, that you can create and view data, see error logs and bets and wins, as well as customer information and device management. This and much more gives both operators and Merkur a better possibility of keeping track at anything happening on the servers. This in its turn leads to a smoother communication as well as better and faster solutions. 

But then what about the games offered by Merkur Gaming?

Merkur Gaming has a game catalogue stretching across all kinds of themes, game types, and entertainment for all kinds of players. They currently offer over 100 games, divided into different categories.  The Multi-games collection contains six collections, the Merkur HD 1, HD 2, HD 3, etc. These all contain multi-games, all handpicked. You can find all kinds of games here, everything from the olden-days classic slot game to modern video slots with various themes with thrilling features – all offering full HD quality at its best. Merkur has designed a new and innovative main menu that grant players an easier gaming experience with a higher comfort feeling. 

Then they have their portfolio of Cabinets – the real, classic slot machines. All developed in full HD monitors, modern and impressive design, high-performance, and proven quality, they stand out in a crowd. 

Merkur Gaming recently launched a new and smart Jackpot System, one named Jackpot Rain. The jackpot Rain symbolises more Jackpot winners, more Jackpot wins, and a lot more action. It is basically a 3-levelled mystery jackpot that comes with the Rain feature. The main winners receive what states on the machine, and has already been praised. This feature is still only applicable to the slot machines, but maybe one day they are incorporated in the online games as well! 

But then what do they offer? 

All games developed and created by Merkur Gaming are made in Full HD quality, increasing the gaming experience to a splendid adventure. All various themes are offered, its grand graphics and designs, with the rewarding and innovative free spins and bonus features, impressive paying concepts, and unique mathematics.

Offering a great variety of games, such as Arabic desert adventures, trips back in time, lucky sevens and fruits, rainforests, all the way to a Roulette game. As a player, you can find anything you might be in the mood for within their grand collection. No matter what your liking is, you can always find your way in the portfolio of Merkur Gaming. 

Portfolio of Merkur Gaming

The games are all state-of-the-art, modern games, offering the latest technology, most advanced systems and technologies, with a Jackpot system available. 

Making every player a winner is one of the things that Merkur Gaming wants to focus on, and they are surely doing a swell job, offering the high stakes, the Jackpot features, and impressive payouts. 

One of the games provided by Merkur Gaming, one offered at, is 221 B Baker Street. It is a game inspired by Sherlock Holmes and his quest to solve all mysteries that comes his way. This is the perfect game to showcase as an example of what exactly Merkur offers. The game is fully packed to the top with features, offering four of them, including a bonus game with a shotgun duel. It is an action-packed game with attributes that you simply won´t forget! 

This with the HD graphics, certainly proves that Merkur is a force to be reckoned with. The game comes and stays with you – a lot of thanks to just that. With the feel of being at the Baker Street in London, with clear details, and fun animations, makes this game as loveable as the company itself.


It is fairly easy to sum Merkur Gaming up – a game developer that ensures its players the best of the best. With amazing quality and software that makes sure that you are in for the best possible gaming experience, is rare these days, but they offer it all, and they do it every time. 

You can read more about Merkur Gaming right here, and you can find the games provided by them in their portfolio at!