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Live 5 Gaming

When it comes to designing and creating digital gaming content, the company we are talking about is one of the best in the UK. A team of the passionate and clever individual came together to create high-quality games for some of the world´s leading gaming operators, with years of experience in the gambling industry to its advantage. This is Live 5 Gaming!

Games we are currently offering at Videsoslots from Live 5 Gaming;


Stairway to Heaven

Fortune Lucky

Magic Mystery Money

Ships Bounty

Out of this World 

What is Live 5 Gaming? 

The knowledge Live 5 Gaming has in products is undeniably a big advantage for the company – bringing just that into the game and software products to be able to optimize everything according to the gaming industry at that moment. Constantly innovating and modernizing is key to success in the industry, and this company makes sure to keep up with its fast-moving pace. 

Live 5 Gaming is, as we mentioned, one of the UK´s leading and independent designers and creators of digital gaming content. It was founded in 2014 – making it one of the newbies in the industry – and has its headquarters in Essington, Staffordshire. The company holds a team all working towards the same goal, with the same values, to create high-end, high-quality gaming content for some of the world´s leading gaming operators. To them, the company delivers games to land-based venues, server-based gaming networks, as well as mobile and online casinos. To deliver all this, the team of designers, programmers, artists, with commercial and marketing teams together deliver the highest quality product to the end user. 

The importance of creating

What is important in the process of developing, creating and designing new games for Live 5 Gaming is to grant players new experiences every time they play. It is not all about providing them – but also to improve them each time around. Many games in the industry are based and structured the same way, and many have been inspired by similar themes and inspirations. What Live 5 Gaming does is to make sure all games are unique, and there come to the improvements – as they don’t believe in many times re-worked and replicated games. The three ingredients for success according to Live 5 Gaming are just about that; innovative games, developing, retaining relationships, and delivering on time. Live 5 Gaming was created to the matter of capitalizing on big growth and opportunities in the online and retail sector, always setting focus on quality content development. 

In April 2017, Live 5 Gaming reached a new goal, being awarded its Alderney Gambling Commission license. This was a massive step forward for Live 5 Gaming, to strengthen our mobile position in the mobile marketplace.

The company has also become the fastest growing supplier of online and mobile games in the UK and started supplying mobile games with NYX in May 2017. NYX has, as we all know, the industry-leading gaming solution and holds many of the biggest lotteries, casinos and gaming operators across the world. Via NYX, Live 5 Game came to deliver its first three games – The Sky´s the Limit, Hotels Hot Dash, and Stairway to Heaven. 


Sky´s the Limit was the very first, original and unique Slot and went live with an online casino exclusively in 2016. They worked together with their platform partner, Core Gaming, to present it – all with the original design, concept, looks and player appeal.  

Through the company´s work and launches, players kept asking for more of the innovative and unique games. Therefore, they strive to develop a portfolio for quality content through the coming years. 

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