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Leander Games

An online gaming provider with years of experience behind them who work tirelessly day and night to provide a quality selection of video slots. Leander Games have brought titles such as Gold, Octopus Kingdom, Khepri, Magic Gems, and more to the scene.

These are the top games brought to you by Leander Games; 

Kraken Conquest 


Fruity 7S 

Scrooge's Jackpot

Ave Caesar

Kingdom of Cards 

You can find these 7 games in the Leander portfolio at You will definitely find a game that suits you perfectly with its fun and entertaining themes, and player value. 

What is Leander Games?

Games that have all seen great success and offers something unique to the existing online slot gaming industry. 
As it is more common among video slot developers Leander Games offer a variety of real money slots as well as social gaming slots. These vary in theme and function but ultimately they strive to provide a wide variety of games to their casino clients. 

Leander Games support 26 languages and test in accordance with AGCC standards. They build their games to provide free bets, achievements, and platform level jackpots which result in a fantastic set of tools for creating great video slots. Leander Games offer slots coded in both HTML5 and flash to accommodate the needs of players all around the world regardless of the device of choice. Using these common modes of coding offers a dynamic user experience and a lot of room to develop games that are advanced both graphically and in terms of gameplay. 

By using their own mathematics to prompt the slot sequences Leander Games have created something truly unique that works in sequences with the advanced graphics to offer a dynamic user experience and an ease of implementation for online casinos such as ourselves.

The great minds behind Leander 

The minds behind Leander Games are Steven Matsell, Ramiro Atucha and Marcelo Blanco who through hard work and dedication since starting to work in the online gaming industry in 2005 made an acquisition through Playtech of Leander Games and made it the company we see before us today. 

Ramiro and Marcelo are the original founders of the company and are responsible for building production developmental capabilities and designing the architecture of the LeGa platform respectively. With such an ambitious and knowledgeable team behind them, Leander Games are seeing great success as they continue to release top quality video slots. 

Leander Games are known for setting their sights on targeting the fast-growing Latino market as they develop slots which appeal to that demographic. This is apparent in their titles as many of the themes base themselves upon the Latin culture and offer a subsequently rhythmic and aesthetically pleasing experience for players to enjoy.

Leander & Stakelogic

Early 2016 Leander Games signed an agreement to cooperate and provide their gaming services to Stakelogic, making them the first third-party provider to work together with them to provide their advanced gaming technology LeGa RGS. Stakelogic is part of the well-known Novomatic Interactive group. 

There has also been a signing for a contract regarding content distribution between Leander Games and Genii. The meaning of this was to allow the distribution of gaming technology of over 130 unique titles. The deal allowed Leander to supply Genii’s broad range of interactive games, including their unique i3D range and patented Spin 16 online games. 

The reason behind it was to allow the integration between the LeGa technology and the above-mentioned services provided by Genii. These online games are compatible with Windows, Apple and Android platforms and work smoothly on all of the mentioned platforms.

Leander portfolio 

Along with this, there has been a multi-year signing with the online casino game vendor known as iforium in order to supply popular titles such as Ali Baba, 40 thieves, Dragon slot and 7 lucky dwarfs via their Gameflex platform. The idea was to combine the platform technology offered from both providers as to integrate LeGa RGS into iforuim’s Gameflex platform. At the moment, Leander Games is available to game providers through GTS, OpenBet and also for direct integration via the proprietary engine known as LeGa RGS. 

Leander has made deals with a number of the top game providers in the industry to be allowed to use certain game development technology, this has resulted in very diverse video slots as well as a spread gameplay. 
One might wonder what the need of using other company’s technology is? The answer is simple; it lets the developer further expand their library by implementing other games into their portfolio. On top of this, it actually lets game developers implement other patented technology, some of which players come to expect and therefore is necessary for the developer to provide. 

Leander Games have made a surprising amount of deals to be able to provide as many of these online services as they do, essentially meaning that you will find most of every function among their selection when playing one of their video slots. 
However, a game provider is only as good as its games. We have a selection of video slots provided to us by Leander Games and have always appreciated what they bring to the table. As a gaming platform their brand is very successful and with the games they have on offer they bring an edge to the industry.


Experience the unique gameplay and beneficial algorithms present in the Leander Games video slots by trying one of the above-mentioned games. It will quickly become apparent why the provider has seen such success in the industry over the years and we are more than excited to see what they are able to provide in the future.

If you wish to know more about Leander Games, or if you wish to check out the rest of the games they provide, then you can simply click here.