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Green Jade Games

Green Jade Games is a game development studio established by a team of people coming from very different backgrounds and bringing with them an array of visionary ways of approaching the gaming industry and of the entertainment value within the industry. Their belief in the necessity of entertainment in society is very clear, and that, together with their optimistic viewpoint and their celebration of human brilliance, makes them such a great and unique company with something to offer for many different wondering players. 

Read on to find more about Green Jade Games, their innovative strategies and why we’re so happy to be platforming their games on our casino! 

Games by Green Jade Games offered on our casino; 

You can play the following games from Green Jade Games at Videoslots, and always keep an eye out for more of their slots featuring on our online casino in the near future! 

Candy Walll

Spin Bet Station

Coin Flip Deluxe

The Christmas Slot

Hammer of Fortune

Spoils of War

How Green Jade Games Started

Green Jade Games was established by a team of individuals who were passionate about slot machines and with extensive experience in the gaming industry. The foundation point of this company was back in 2017 in Malta, with a small group of people whose vision and ambition allowed them to make a name for themselves and they have managed to make their slots reach a wide audience, both with players and with casinos who have accepted their games on their platforms. The company is a subsidiary of MRG, a Swedish company that was known as Mr Green & Co Ab until they changed their name in 2018.  

It was created by Benedict McDonagh, who is now the current managing director, and Jesper Karrbink, the current creative director; both of whom had many years of experience in the business. With the backing of MRG Group, Green Jade have had the opportunity to carefully select a team of talented, dedicated individuals, each with their won varied experience and specialized skills.

The whole project came to completion and public exposure in 2019, when they were awarded the license, allowing them to offer their online casino games to operators in regulated markets across Europe and around the world. Their great combination of gambling knowledge and fascination with narratives and storytelling outcomes have lead them to produce some very interesting games that stem directly from this desire to be innovative and interesting. 

Green Jade Games Portfolio 

It’s very hard to truly categorize the slots of Green Jade Games because they are all coming from very different genres of slots. The games are truly designed to appeal to a broader audience than exclusively traditional online slots. The first two games that were out on Videoslots for instance were very original with a special attention to graphics, whilst second two were more about the themes themselves. 

Coin Flip Deluxe for instance is a slot like no other because it is firstly, a clear homage to gambling as a societal activity since it is easily the simplest form of betting; having a coin flip and having different bets placed on whether it will be heads or tails. The effort that goes into the graphics and general design of the game is just a clear sign that this company is truly in it with an aesthetic ambition in mind, along with the game dynamic innovation. 

On the other hand, a game like Spin Bet station is another homage to gambling but on singularly innovative level providing the player with the possibility to either bet on the slot machine as usual or also side bet on what symbols you think will land at any time. The idea is genius, simple and great! 

For anyone being into more specific, theme-based slots, Green Jade Games have a beautiful Viking-themed slot called Hammer of Fortune, where the company’s attention to detail is truly a marvellous effort from their side to create this immersive atmosphere within the slot.

What Makes Green Jade Games Different

Their constant effort to create unique gameplay and features have made their slots a favourites of experienced gamers, not because they are complex but because they show a great sense of understanding of game dynamics, what works and what doesn’t, and what makes a slot game worth playing and interesting. The examples of games given above are simply a taste of what this company has to offer and what it will continue to offer, but as games they are definite great examples of innovation in this part of the gaming industry, there’ no doubt about that! 

Green Jade Games Conclusion

Green Jade Games is a games developer with a great awareness of the impact of creation and creativity and what one can achieve with it and with what one can provide the public with it. Through their push from MRG they’ve launched their company with a secure and experienced good start and you can tell by their work ethic and their optimism which they proudly present on their site as you venture to read a bit about them. With a focus on innovation but a constant nod to classic games, the games from Green Jade Games are sure to be a hit with a large number of players who enjoy this style of games.

We’re excited to be bringing you Green Jade Games slots on our online casino and we look forward to see what’s next from this provider!

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