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Golden Rock Studios

Golden Rock Studios is a game development studio established by a select group of people who believe in the importance of working as a single unit with everyone bringing in the additional value with their specialist field. One of their slogans is ‘Experience is Everything’, and they take this very seriously as they seek to recruit the very best talent within the industry with the intention of keeping a certain standard and a reliable reputation. 

Read on to find more about Golden Rock Studios, their successful strategies in iGaming, and why we’re so glad to introduce them their games in our casino! 

Games by Golden Rock Studios offered on our casino;

You can play the following games from Green Jade Games at Videoslots, and always keep an eye out for more of their slots featuring on our online casino in the near future! 

Volatile Slot

Star Gods

Roulette X2

How Golden Rock Studios Started

Golden Rock Studios was founded by two of the gaming industry’s most respected leaders James Curwen and Will Mathieson. Curwen was former Director of Gaming and CPO of William Hill and Mathieson has been involved in the making of some of the biggest, most popular slots in the last seven years. 

Officially launched in January 2018 the company started off in a converted cookie factory in London, and later that same year, they expanded with a new studio in Gibraltar. They then focused on assembling a small team of experienced iGaming enthusiasts and have been working on an array of different games which they operate from these two locations that are truly hubs of the industry.

One of the factors which you could say truly makes Golden Rock Studios a great company with a great vision is the fact that they are clearly very aware of the times and sticking well with them. Their minimalist take on slots is already a testimony for that and one can easily notice this on their website which is beautifully composed in a way that does not tire the passer-by and helps them to get around and explore the products of the company. 

Golden Rock Studios Portfolio 

It’s very hard to truly categorize the slots of Golden Rock Studios because they are all coming from very different genres of slots, whether it is in-reel single feature, to huge multi-bonus fully immersive slots, and even table games. So much so, that the company have had 20 years of land based casino experience which really gives them a great vantage point when it comes to delivering authentic casino experience. The games are designed to appeal to a varied audience, and you won’t find this hard to believe if you only take a look at their games. 

Star Gods for instance is a typical five-reel by three-row slot that is themed around the legend of Fu, Lu and Shou, the Chinese gods of fortune. The design is made up of a brightly coloured palette with the sunlight rays glowing up the whole frame, with an animated feature that gets activated at various moments in the game. It is immensely user-friendly and inviting, immersing the play within the serene atmosphere of these beautiful hills of the orient, evoking this great sense of peace and relaxation; which is after all what games should feel like. 

Another game of Golden Rock Studios which we also feature on our site, is Volatile (and no this is not set around the concept of volatility in slots!). The game revolves around a volatile volcano ona  tropical island, inviting you as a player to a dramatic but inspiring place that has also cool animations that get triggered whenever the volcano erupts. The level of detail of the game is another aspect of the genius behind the developing team of Golden Rock. 

What Makes Golden Rock Studios Different

The vision of the two main drivers of the company is to have Golden Rock be a front runner in innovation and a main character in the ever-growing casino game market. Their persistent belief in experience adds to the intense dedication of the company to produce and deliver slots that are not just with gamblers in mind, but that are also made my gamblers themselves, as they state clearly on their site. By looking at the industry from this point of view, Golden Rock emphasise that their employees are true passionate games who like their customers, want to play. 

In essence this means that they work hard to achieve stunning design, great and unique features, innovative mathematics and well-tested mechanics and game dynamics, all of which you will always find in their games! 

Golden Rock Studios Conclusion

The company’s great awareness of contemporaneity, their focus on being the best and the value they give to experience are all very good reasons why we will be hearing more of them in the near future. This is a company who has stuck a flagpole deep down the terrain of the iGaming industry and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Their dedication to gaming as entertainment and as an art form is clear not only in their products but also in their work ethic, which they so clearly state and emphasise in every single bit of company promotion and information available online.

We’re excited to be bringing you Golden Rock Studios slots on our online casino and we look forward to see what’s next from this provider!

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