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Genii has been around for more or less 15 years where they have been providing and delivering award-winning innovation and creativity in the iGaming industry. Genii have become well renowned for the delivery of engaging, interactive casino content. Almost the best in the industry for many years and that is why all the big operators in the industry including our very own - are glad to offer games from this successful provider.

What is Genii? 

Genii boasts a portfolio of over 130 online casino games and you can find almost all of them right [HERE], you should take them for a spin. The company is one of the world’s largest providers of mobile games for iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Genii games have been developed and can be found throughout a range of multiple channels, land-based casinos, desktop and also mobile. This way, players can continue to play any of their favourite games whilst enjoying the same experience, wherever they are. All the games are provided with native download apps for mac or windows or playable in any web browser. This has increased acquisition and player retention for Genii’s operators.

Prosperities and goals

Genii focus primarily on making players engage more with casino games they produce resulting in a superior player experience. Before games are designed they undergo research and development to make sure that all players get the most out of their revolutionary games.

Genii provide gaming technology that has the main focus on building the next generation online gaming platform. Who is behind this amazing company? A big team of entrepreneurs that have been around since the 1990’s leading the way in both the business of gaming and technological innovation.

When the founders of genie sat together to discuss the opening of the company, one of their strong recognitions was that the gaming industry was growing fast and that at the time the company was established, the gaming sector had already grown much bigger than when it had started. These developments did not go unnoticed by Genii. The company does not come up with any sort of innovation, but instead, they always deliver functional innovation that improves the more the company grows.

Genii use leading edge technology, they designed a groundbreaking platform full of rich features to create the base of their offering. Anything they create is full of colour, motion and visualisation. Luckily here at, we have the perfect key metrics to manage their operation through our visually-rich user interface. and Genii have a very strong relationship because they are both driven by innovation and creativity. Two elements that are key in the operation. Genii will surely deliver everything you have been waiting for.

The Genii platform is backed by business giants such as Microsoft, Fusion-io and Dell who took care of co-development of a real-time engine, storage innovation and infrastructure respectively. What they created is basically very resistant to faults thanks to its hybrid architecture. It is definitely a highly scalable platform with the capability of swift fruition.

Follow The Sun

Genii have an amazing offering, a feature called the ‘Follow The Sun approach’. The company does not allow for any downtime because they have developers spread out all over the world so as one office/team ends their day another starts their work day. This way product development and integrations are much quicker and more efficient than other online casino suppliers, hence why at Videoslots we are so proud to offer their products to our players.

They decided to implement a strategy where they would only assemble the best of products and this meant that they needed two things. They needed to acquire key source code as well as intellectual property. This way they could develop new technology from the ground up. With this strategy, they managed to develop, license and incorporate a suite of products which together form a full and wide-ranging leading solution for us here at Videoslots, or better still, for you as our players.

Genii's portfolio

Amongst the vast range of games that Genii offer, focusing on interaction and engagement, you must definitely try out their flagship games, the ‘SPIN 16’ product line. This allows players to interact directly with the reels. They can actually spin reels in any direction by simply swiping their device screen. This product line also features a match game. In this game, when matching the house pick on any payline, you are awarded multiplier bonuses. There is also the ‘spin cold’ and ‘spin hot’ features. With this feature, players get the chance to spin in the same directions where others have won and all actions are based on live results. The amount of research Genii make is very extensive because when they develop, they always take into account mathematics personality, demographics, market trends, analysis from operators and a lot more. By delivering games from Genii, we are able to offer you a superior player experience through games that are continually reviewed and tested.


Genii has become a leading mobile game provider for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Their platform shows an established player value that exceeds 90% of what they have on desktop version. Their player retention also exceeds that of major competitors in the same field. 

If you want to read more about Genii, visit the website here.