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We are about to dive deep into the archives to get familiarized with one of the freshest companies in the industry. It hasn’t been long since this British establishment was founded, but already it has created a name for itself in the markets. This small, internal company has full focus on quality, entertainment, and most importantly, its own employees. Have you ever heard of Gamevy? No? Well, fear not – for we will tell you all there is to know about this rising star!

The games we currently offer by Gamevy are;

Frozen Piggies Fly Piggy Fly Christmas


Space Force

Coin Conqueror

Tomb of The King

Vomiting Unicorns

10p Slots


What is Gamevy?

Gamevy is a British company dedicated solely to deliver first-class casino games for all iGaming enthusiasts out there. On the contrary to many of its competitions, Gamevy doesn’t have that many years in the industry. The company was established back in 2013 by the British businesswoman, Helen Walton. There is no doubt that this is a woman with thick skin, and her background as a writer and marketing manager has been a grand advantage for Gamevy. Walter studied in one of the worlds´ oldest, most prestigious university, University of Cambridge. Historic people such as Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Rosalind Franklin are all some of the most infamous people of all times. The thing they all, and Helen Walton, has in common is that they all went to Cambridge University. This gives a relatively nice pointer on the intellectual level of the creator of Gamevy. 

Gamevy has a dedicated team of designers, developers and marketing talents with a true love for gaming. The team has a vision of creating innovative, unique collection for the players – games with the same entertainment quality that you could expect from a console game. As many other suppliers in the industry, this new-comer has chosen to focus on quality above quantity. One of the things that make Gamevy unique is its operating structure. It is “Employee-own”, meaning that the company is run without bosses or any form of democratic decision-making structure. One can simply say that it is a rare way of things in today´s democracy-based world – but all talks in favour of this brilliant UK company. 

Awards and Recognition

Not many years has gone by since Gamevy saw the day of light for the first time, but this hasn’t stopped it from landing some prestigious awards for its work! Only 3 years after the foundation of the company, the company won an award for “Game to Watch 2016” at the ICE Gaming Awards in 2016. This was surely a grand milestone for the company – and a great start of the big development. 

The games

Gamevy is a supplier that offers incredible games developed with love – something that reflects well in each of the releases. The company itself says that the games are specially designed to achieve a long time of entertainment for players, as well as higher engagement and excellent profitability. They also say that the games are created to appeal to a wide, demographic composition of games with an eye for the lottery and bingo games. 

There is no doubt that this is a company focused on players. Gamevy stands out in the crowd, and therefore offers products filled with fun and dedication. Whether you want to cool down with a bubbly, cold drink in 7 UP, or grab the fortune by the feet in Golden Boot – you will find a new favourite game by Gamevy!

In other words, the company simply creates games with unique, distinctive features. A game that definitely catches one's attention is the game quickly mentioned above, 7 UP. This is a perfect example of the company’s expertise, creativity and innovative thinking. 7 UP is filled to the top with classic symbols, such as grapes, horseshoes, bananas, cherries, gold bars, and bells. These symbols are hardly an unknown sight for most – regardless of whether you are a gaming veteran or not. With exceptionally sharp graphics and alive animations scratching away what is hiding behind the squares. The game comes with 7 lines of 3 symbols to scratch away, and you can play the 7 lines at the same time. You can also win on every line!


It is safe to say that it is far from easy to rise in today´s competitive iGaming sector, at least as a brand new company. Many of the biggest ones in the industry has been around for years already, most since the 90´s and early 2000. But, Gamevy has in a short time already proven worthy of a place amongst the best of the best. The portfolio might not be the largest, yet, but the quality of the games they do have makes up for this quite well. 

Gamevy is definitely a game supplier to keep your eyes on. At, we are looking forward to seeing what this brilliant game supplier will bring us in the future. We recommend you to check the portfolio out now!

If you want to read more about this provider, you can visit the website here.