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Games Lab 

Games Lab is one of the more fresh and new in the business, with offerings that can suit all likings. As they haven’t been around too long – they might not be the most well-known in the industry yet. But with the dedication and strive that they have, it is just a matter of time before they are the new talk of town. Now, we will find out and tell all about them, what makes Games Lab so unique, and why should you remember their name? We have all juicy details right here!

Games currently offered by Games Lab;

Wild Valkyrie


Aztec Diamonds 


Cat Burglar 

What is Game Lab?

Games Lab was first launched and started in 2008 as a part of the Blue Wombat Group, which in its turn was founded in 2002. The company is Australian, and it has its offices in Sydney. Their office currently has a team of 50 people working endlessly and tirelessly to ensure grand products. The team consists of everything from game designers, artists, programmers, animators, and QA. It is a steadily expanding company, and more and more are starting to happen. 

For Games Lab, everything is of high importance – and they know just what to do and how to do it, to achieve their goals. But what is mainly focused on, are specifically three things. These are ensuring their customers to be able to play true Casino games that are available through play with real money, it is to create games with high entertainment value, and to continuously release new and innovative apps for social media, such as Facebook, iOS, and Android. 

Goal and vision of Games Lab

What they wish to achieve with all this is mainly to build this upon their core values, which consists of long experience and assets to become one of the significant, respected, and well-known game developer and provider. It is a big goal to have, but if anyone is to succeed in this – it is surely Games Lab. The leaders and the team are all incredibly determined and focused, and there is simply no stopping them. 

Already in 2013, Games Lab managed to launch their very first social casino slot product. This was named Slots Central. This is available on Facebook, Android, and iOS platforms – available for most with a mobile. The Games Lab team has worked hard with graphics, game designs, and thrilling and special features to then put all of this into the app. The app later turned into the highest rated app on Facebook with 4.3 stars in average rating! 

But then what is this app?

Well, it is incredibly innovative and different from most apps we have seen before. Basically, your goal is to collect trophies to then achieve goals and unlock games, bonuses, and features. The more you play and win, the more you unlock – and the more you unlock, the more you can play. As it is a social app, you can play against or with friends, and compete in tournaments of all kinds to try and beat them. there is a daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard where you can see your wins, and these determine which spot on the board you take. 

In the app, you can manage to unlock up to 20 different Slot games, and these all offer something extra. The games are all lots of fun with interesting themes and alive graphics. In these, you can unlock numerous Bonuses and Features – and the bonuses are known for being rewarding and fun at the same time. Among others you can get a hold of powered boosts, chaos spins, lucky dips, and power-ups. For a thrill-seeking player, it’s the perfect chance for you to try your luck and take over the board of winners. 

Another grand point for Games Lab was in 2015, when they launched their first big entertainment gaming product – Final War: 5 Dragons. It is basically an online card game, where you get to unleash your powers and defeat the evil dragons. It is a brilliant game and immensely popular amongst mobile players. 

But then, Games Lab finally arrived as an online casino game provider!

Games Lab portfolio

For this, they used their lengthy and wide experience in development and releasing of real money casino games. What you might not know already, is that Games Lab actually have created over 300 unique Slot titles for a number of clients and operators since the year of 2013. 

Some of these games are Pirate Isle, Jumping Beans, Shark School, Hen House, Monster Millions, and many many more. 

One of the games you can find in the Games Lab portfolio at is Osiris – a fun and entertaining game where you go deep down into the hidden tombs of Egypt to explore the forgotten treasures. 

The games provided by Games Lab are all incredible when it comes to features, bonuses, and player friendly themes. All kinds of players, with all kinds of liking can be lured in by these games and the creativeness behind them. 

Is it your turn to be lured in? There is only one way to find out – check their website here!