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We are about to take a look at one of the strivings and rising suppliers of games in the iGaming industry today – one that launched with the knowledge of how players crave the possibility of playing wherever, whenever. With mobile gaming becoming one of the new big things, Game360 took this into consideration and started to compete with the biggest companies out there – and surely the company stands a great chance of being one of the big competitions. It is time to find out why that is!

Games we currently offer by Game360 at Videoslots;

El Paso Saloon 

Bonus Olympus 

Magic Scarab 


The dream start of Game360 

Andrea Guzzon was the mind behind it all – the launch of Game360 came in 2011, by this entrepreneur. His goal was to create the first mobile gambling company made-in-Italy. In 2015, Guzzon led his company with success until the acquisition by NYX Gaming Group – and is now the company´s managing director. He is a man with over 10 years’ experience, specializing in business development, innovation strategy and digital entertainment. 

By his side is, and always was, Piero Itta, a man who gave Game360 its wide consulting experience in both gaming and the gambling industry, managing to create a strong network of partnerships and alliances for the company. He holds an important role in these skills and achievements, knowing how important good partnerships and interactions with operators are to get a company name out there – with respect for the products they are offering.    

The everlasting skills of Game360 

Game360 is a supplier of both online and mobile software and offers a vast set of cross-media and solutions to the gaming, casino, and gambling industry´s national and international, leading operators. The cross-media means that the company offers its software’s and products across all kinds of devices and ways of playing. 

Game360 does the complete process in-house, from design and development to marketing and distributing – all for players in partnership with online gaming operators all around the world. But when it comes to mobile gaming, Game360 is one of the best pioneers out there. Discovering new gaming experiences and representing the ultimate and best possible experience for players playing via mobile and tablet devices is the goal of Game360. To be able to do this, quality, usability, and innovation has been key to provide the kind of software’s and products across all platforms and channels that they do. 

The 360 visions and missions

As we mentioned earlier, Game360 has, since the launch, aimed to become the widest gaming and gambling business developer using new technologies, new ideas, new solutions – this in an effort to be able to provide its players with the best and safest game and entertainment experience possible. 

The vision is to remove all barriers to technology to the customers, which in its turn would increase the online business by offering a wide range of gaming products and solutions. The companies own idea and belief is that the strongest driver of this process is the mobility of gaming solutions, which gives players the opportunity to play games wherever they might be – at any time. In the end, that is also the key to understanding why the products of Game360 are so developed ad advanced on mobile devices, even though the actual IT platform has been designed and developed in a multi-channel and multidevice perspective. 

These are just a few of the reasons why Game360 became a national market leader in Italy, and one of the few specialists solely focusing on mobile gambling in Europe. 

The technology and software’s of Game360

One of the things Game360 can pride itself upon is the in-house, comprehensive and fully owned platform. This is created for the needs of the company, and how they wanted to work. The platform supports multi-channel gaming by providing interfaces over web, mobile, tablet, and other devices – these such as smart tvs to name one.

The platform includes all one can need, such as content management, customer relationship management, and statistics tools, marketing capacities, and certified security features that have been chosen by most of the leading gambling operations in Italy. but what is central to the technology solution is a comprehensive mobile games platform portfolio which is available across all platforms, including a state of the art betting solution as well as a vast casino suite. 

The game suit

All games by Game360 are developed using the latest technology and are designed based on creative analysis of user experience to ensure high-quality gaming experiences.

Following the completion of the game creation, each game is put through strong testing and verification as part of the quality assurance process – making sure all players are playing it safe.

What we will focus on at are the Slot games offered by Game360 – and the collection offered is vast for being such a “new” company. Right now, the collection of in-house developed Slots counts to 14 – all offering fun themes, impressive and high-quality designs and graphics, as well as wild features. What we will be offering at is Magic Scarab, Mondal, and El Paso Salon to name a few. 

Magic Scarab is an Egyptian themed Video Slot, where you will play a quirky gold hunter on a chase for lost treasures of Wilds, Free Spins and Bonuses in the tombs of the ancient land. Mondal then invites you to an international football championship, using its 5 reels and 25 lines to award you Wilds, Free Spins, Bonuses, and instant wins. El Paso Salon is another Video Slot with a special theme of the old west, riding you right into the casino. The saloon will then be filled up with Free Spins, Bonus games, Wilds, and instant wins for your pleasure. 

As you can hear, Game360 comes with a selection of games all offering you various features, a good amount of lines, and high RTP´s. This along with the fun themes, alluring designs and fun details in the games – you are surely in for a treat. 

If you wish to learn more about Game360 and its success-story, you can read all about it here!