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The iGaming industry keeps on growing and evolving, and there are new game suppliers arising constantly to bring some new competition to the field. One of these companies, with a fresh vibe, is Foxium - a game supplier with headquarters in Tallinn, launched in 2015. In alliance with other smaller companies, it is here to challenge the industry with new innovations, agility, and extensive expertise. Foxium is a company that has managed to grow steadily and already creating some of the best Video game products on the markets.

Right now we offer the following games by Foxium;

Adelia The Fortune Wielder

Odd Forest

Vampire The Masquerade Las Vegas

Lucky Bakery

The Lost Riches of Amazon

Astro Legends Lyra And Erion

The Great Albini

Boom Pirates

Stumpy McDoodles

What makes Foxium special?

Foxium makes sure to guarantee its players an adventurous feel and an action-packed, stunning gaming experience that is covered in vibrant colours, lifeful graphics, and thrilling soundtracks. The company has joined forces with many of the biggest and most renowned operators and suppliers, which in its turn grants Foxium an excellent distribution channel for the games offered. It used to be partnered up mainly with Obodo, but today the main partnerships are with the major, NYX and Microgaming. 

The Wind beneath the wings – partnerships

Foxium is, as mentioned, a fresh and new name among game developers – but it has managed to grow into a well-known and respected company already. It began early, with the start of the partnership with the game platform developer called Obodo. Obodo´s goal was to take care of all detailed, technical issues while Foxium itself could put all its focus on developing innovative game stories, themes, and features. This was all combined into great end-products using HTML5 technology. 

But these days Obodo isn’t in working-mode anymore and doesn’t offer the same services anymore. But Foxium kept going, now with new partnerships and new opportunities. After the Obodo-days, Foxium signed a partnership with both NYX Interactive and Microgaming. For this company, Microgaming was a perfect choice – looking for a partner with an ability to deliver global gaming. 

The partnership was announced in September of 2016, only a year after the very first launch of the company. At the end of that same year, Foxium also found another partner to help distribute its games. To have another brilliant channel of distribution, the company signed a deal with NYX Interactive. 

With the help of both these suppliers, Foxium manages to maintain the quality of its games and being able to be distributed globally. 

Game Selection 

Foxium is still a fairly new and young game supplier, the scope of its game selection does not, of course, remain at the level of the eldest and largest game suppliers. But these games are of the highest quality and its Video Slots all offer interesting themes, great graphics, and always something extra to offer the diversity of players. 

In game development, Foxium is a company that puts a high focus on creating games according to its backgrounds. Each game product created by Foxium is, therefore, a story around which the game is intertwined with both graphics and features. An innovative grip of this game developer can be seen in both game features and looks, which makes sure the player can enjoy Foxium games with a unique gaming experience that comes with many interesting features.

One of Foxium´s most popular and well-known games is called The Lost Riches of Amazon, which is a game that takes players to the Amazon rainforest, where courageous explorers get involved in a variety of adventures. In this game, you get to play using 5 reels and astounding 2048 ways-to-win. 

The Lost Riches of Amazon Video Slot is a game that offers a wide variety of rainforest animals and explorers, but there is a lot more to it than that. On both sides of the reels, you can see two meters, one of which collects Wilds, and the other collecting monkey heads. If you manage to collect 12 Joker symbols, collecting additional Jockeys for the next spin, collecting monkey heads, activating various bonuses and Free Spins. With a golden chance, the player gets a rewind that continues until you hit a win. 

Games for both PC and Mobile

Foxium, the modern, fresh, and innovative game supplier is one that makes gaming more available for players – through many channels. Its games are based on HTML5, meaning that the games all work both on a computer and via mobile phones. Foxium has also taken scalability into account for its gaming dashboard which is designed to fit both computer screens and other devices. 


It is safe to say that Foxium is one of the newest stars in rising, already reaching so many goals since its launch in 2015. It is a company that takes great pride in what they do, always making sure to pursue high-quality and level of details. The fact that everything in the games is created around storytelling, makes sure to give players a unique experience. Enjoying everything one can wish for, graphics, stories, rewarding features, thrilling gameplay, and more, is something you will get all in the same game – only with Foxium!

If you want to read more info about Foxium, you can visit their website here.