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One of the greatest types of games for real hi-rollers and gambling enthusiasts has always been table games. The kinds of games that before could only be found in the land based casinos in the epicentres of gambling – but now, finally – the best and most loved table games have made their way to the online casino mekka. Offering only the best solutions, the favourite games, the highest wins, and thrilling games – is Felt!

Some of the games provided by Felt are; 

Blackjack Lucky Lucky 

21+3 Blackjack 

6in1 Blackjack 

Lucky Ladies Blackjack 

Perfect Pairs Blackjack 

Suit'em Up Blackjack 

Buster Blackjack

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

3 Card Hold'em

Caribbean Stud 

These games are all the perfect examples of what you can expect from Felt. All of the mentioned above, and the rest, are made with the qualities mentioned. With sound effects of real casinos, a great and simple gameplay, and a thrilling Side Bet with every individual game makes these unique and one of their kind.

What is Felt Gaming?    

Felt LTD is, to say the least, one of the world´s most exclusive, dedicated, and leading providers of online table games when it comes to most genres. This since they offer something of everything, with games that capture and intrigues – all with something extra.

Goals and focuses

The main goal and focus for Felt are to create a gaming experience for players like no other, among other, making the games feel as real as possible. To grant players a view and feel of being in an actual casino is something rare to find, but Felt has surely been an uttermost success when it comes to this. All games are with fast track gameplay, easy features, and believable designs and layouts. For instance, the poker games offered are all just as in reality with all they have to offer. 

Authentic and realistic is what they aim for – and when entering the games, you can see and feel this clearly. To bring this feeling out, they mainly make sure to offer qualities such as intuitive interfaces all while using the latest and most modern technology to optimise the games. This together makes for a gaming experience you cannot find with any other provider. The cutting-edge technology used is to ensure that the games take on a true meaning, making them more intriguing for players with games that they can spend hours in.

The games

Felt creates a connection between the real casinos and a modern, and straight forward design of games. And apart from the high definition graphics and designs, you can also enjoy the true casino sound effects. And what might be one of the best things – Felt games are available for play via desktop, tablet, and mobile – also in both single and multi-player formats, meaning you can play these games with others. 

Few offer table games via mobile, but now, for the first time they are offered there as well. It is something highly appreciated by players, and Felt knows this. The games are all suited and made to fit the mobile version, with all the same qualities and high standards. A hand in Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, and Roulette can now be enjoyed from wherever you might be. 

The functionals of the games

No matter if you are a hi-roller, an inexperienced gambler, or a newbie at Blackjack, Poker, or Roulette, these games can surely draw you in anyhow. All games come with a large amount of information, and all games have a “Help” section where you can learn more about the game, what the game is, how it works, the game rules, how you can win, and what the extra special Side Bets of the games are. Information is always key – and if you wish to win, then you should take the time to read up on the game rules before the start. It can surely help you on your way to the big wins and high hands. 

What makes the games from Felt unique, is that in each game, they incorporate an extra thing in every game to make them special and more rewarding for the players. 

All Blackjack games are taken to the online casino era for the very first time, and all of them comes with new and thrilling Side Bets. The Side Bets are all known from before, but they are all new and innovative, with something extra. The most popular Side Bets are incorporated in all games, and these are among others the Buster Side Bet, 21+3 Side Bet, Lucky Lucky Side Bet, the 6in1 Side Bet (all Side Bets accumulated), and more. 

Apart from the brilliant Blackjack games provided, Felt has also granted is the honour of a Double Ball Roulette game which makes sure you can play two balls in one go – for extra winning opportunities. This as well as the Poker games with high wins, big hands, and extra features, are only parts of what grand accomplishments Felt brings to the table.


You can now find all games from Felt in their game portfolio at, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them to our players. As players have been craving more table games such as these, also available on mobile devices, this is one of the most beneficial providers for players on our site. They can now indulge themselves in games like no others, granting them this realistic feeling sensation of being and playing at a real casino – and to be honest – who does not want to feel that vibe?   

Check their portfolio and more info on their own website, by clicking here!