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Dice Lab

Dice Lab is young game design studio that joined the iGaming scene in 2018. Dice Lab specialise in developing a unique type of online games that offer something other than video slots: casino dice games. These types of games offer a new and unique experience that provides a change of style for players that are used to standard online video slots or the usual table games. 

The team at Dice Lab is made up of a mix of experts with backgrounds in different industries not only in the gambling industry. These include iGaming, game development, and even UX as well as 3D design. 

Games by Dice Lab offered at Videoslots;


Sugar Cubes

We’re proud to be offering Dice Lab’s very first game – SlotDice! So far, this is the only game in Dice Lab’s portfolio, but keep an eye out for more Dice Lab games joining our online casino in the future. 

Their first ever game, Slot Dice, was released with the aim of bringing something ground-breaking to the casino game market, something that no other game design studio has done before. The Slot Dice game is simple and easy to play; all the player has to do is roll the dice to win prizes which will depend on the numbers that appear on the dice. 

For their very first game, Dice Lab was inspired by the classic Yahtzee dice game, invented way back in the 1940s. SlotDice is a modern version of the classic game with new features and original gameplay invented by Dice Lab themselves. They’ve included an interesting twist in the game to include jackpot games and unique bonus features. The game is very simple to play and easy to understand. All you have to do is roll a set of dice and watch what happens according to the combination you get! The goal is to acquire specific combinations to win prizes, enter a bonus round, or one of the jackpot bonus game.

In the base game, you get payouts every time you get three of a kind. Different combinations of die scores trigger any of the four bonus games, each one with 10 different levels to progress through. With each level, the difficulty of progressing to the next level increases but so do the prizes. In the Golden One bonus stage, for example, you can win 5,000x your stake if you manage to get a score of one on the dice on the first attempt! 

What stands out about this game is also the 3D, realistic graphics that give the game an unbelievable life-like look to it. Their first game is available to play on any device and platform.

The goal at Dice Lab

Dice Lab is also clearly aiming to reach a wide audience of players with their first release thanks to the low wager feature which allows players to play from only ¬£ 0.01 per game. Bets can go up to ¬£ 100, so there’s a very flexible range of bets available. 

This varied bet range is definitely a feature that will attract many different players, whether they’re low-rollers or experienced players. With their first game being unlike any others available on the market, players looking for something new and fresh should definitely keep an eye out on Dice Lab. 

What makes this provider stand out is that they’ve managed to find their own niche in the competitive iGaming market and are doing a great job at giving players original, high-quality content that they can’t get from any other provider.