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Crazy Tooth Studio

Crazy Tooth Studio (CTS), where quality always wins, was founded in 2011 by former IGT game designer Ben Hoffman. Specialising in Casino Game Development, Crazy Tooth Studio has its headquarters in Reno, NV, USA. Crazy Tooth Studio consists of a group of integrative, collaborative and creative professionals that have worked hard to position themselves as developers of innovative and high-quality gaming products. 

CTS is a full-spectrum game development studio where creations begin with inspiration and emerge to installation, where the team is focused on each step of the way. The team behind all the magic prides themselves in creating and bringing forth one-of-a-kind, futuristic game concepts to life through persistent commitment and hard work. Not only does the team at Crazy Tooth Studios grasp the concept and idea that each aspect of their products must be analysed and tested time and time again in order to ensure that they have created the best gaming experience possible for their players. 

Pushing boundaries and remaining relevant with innovation is what CTS does best. They wish to excite their existing players by pushing boundaries in ways that will work to appeal to a new audience as well. They make sure that the games they create are what players are seeking for when they are looking for something to quench their thirst. The way that CTS does this is with fantastic new experiences that don’t require a steep learning curve. 

Will Burrows, the vice president of Crazy Tooth Studios has said, ‘When you set out to make the best possible product, the true measure of success is the tools you create to keep making even better products’, a statement that strongly resembles the core of CTS. 

Games by Crazy Tooth Studio offered on our casino 

We are pleased to bring you Crazy Tooth Studio games to our casino, and so we are starting off by offering the following game:

Arctic Valor 

Queen of the Crystal Rays 

The Incredible Balloon Machine

Seven 7's

Keep an eye out for more additions from Crazy Tooth Studio to join our online casino in the future to come! 

Crazy Tooth Studio name and mission

Crazy Tooth Studio was funnily enough named after their dog Choco because he has a snaggletooth. At first, they originally were going to name themselves Snaggletooth Studio, but due to trademarking issues, they ended up changing it to Crazy Tooth Studio. Their initial game from their studio is known as Choco Choco which is a slot machine with an image of Choco at the top right corner of the screen. 

What makes this game so special and unique is that it’s based on Choco their dog. Players didn’t think it was a real dog since he ‘looked so funny’. However, ever since the creation of this game and after the reactions they got from it, they’ve made it their mission to do their best to continue to make their games unique and stand out from the rest since the market is extremely saturated. 

What does Crazy Tooth Studio offer

Crazy Tooth Studio offers a special game development framework which was created and brought into existence by their amazing team. This special game development framework is known as CTS Arsenal™.

With a lot of experience behind the creation and development of CTS Arsenal™, it can be classified as one of the best collaborative-iteration frameworks providing exceptional speed and consistency from the concepts first sketch all the way to the final, finished product. 

What makes this framework even more phenomenal is that it is designed to make indefinite, innovation-fuelled development much simpler by providing tools for creation rather than just for production. 

The partners of Crazy Tooth Studio benefit not only from a passionate, talented and extremely dedicated team but they also receive the unique competitive advantage which is provided by CTS Arsenal™.

For CTS, Iteration is a key to building original and state of the art games that players from everywhere will truly enjoy playing and will love to explore. With CTS Arsenal™, the development team has the ability to iterate with first-class speed and strength. The most valuable aspect of CTS Arsenal™ is that every step it takes to polish and enhance a great concept, is also working towards a gaming product that will be market ready. In other words, the prototype and the product are made one. 

Innovation is highly encouraged at Crazy Tooth Studio which can be exemplified in the CTS Arsenal™ which was made in order to step out of the box and try new things as well as to push the more traditional boundaries of game design. 

Additionally, CTS Arsenal™ makes the creation of the most cohesive products faster and simple than ever before. Crazy Tooth Studio knows that the development of great games demands impeccable integration of art, animation, sound, mathematics and game mechanics which can all be seen in the library of games at CTS.

Crazy Tooth Studio Games 

Crazy Tooth Studio primarily makes video slot games and have had the wonderful opportunity to create some premium products for Bally Technologies such as Crystal Spider and Tree of Eternal Fortune. Crazy Tooth Studio prides themselves in making each and every game of theirs authentic and pushing themselves outside of the box when it comes to game features, art, sound and mathematic models. 

With a wide spectrum of games in their portfolio already which range from all sorts of themes you could think of as well as some you wouldn’t think of. The animations to these unique themes are impeccably made with state-of-the-art developments, all with a unique edge to them and an abundance of vibrant colours. You can expect to see a range of fantasy and mystical themed games, Asian themed games, space themed games as well as not so popular themes like a shopping themed game, a destructive wrecking ball game, an arrow game and more. 

Watch out for the Crazy Tooth Studio logo here and find out what’s to come from them!