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Betdigital is a game developing company founded in 2011, a company with main products of which is the gaming content and systems it develops for the iGaming industry. It has many years of experience in just this, and it is certainly a great help in both the development part, as well as in the distributing. The long experience spans in both gaming and sales, making it optimal to be able to reach out to as many players and partners as possible. Betdigital has also developed its business by entering into partnerships with other big companies and operators in today´s markets. 

It is now time to introduce this UK-based game developing company whose range includes great games and high-quality technology. The name of Betdigital is therefore worth keeping in mind – as they keep up the process of granting players prominent games where quality is key. 



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Start & Development

Betdigital was, as mentioned, launched in 2011 – and from the get-go, its goal has been to create content and systems both for the UK markets as well as globally. At this time, the company has a team of fore and most experienced personnel, these people all with years of experience in the field. The experience of game development and sales has truly helped this company on the way to the top – and where they are today. It has helped their growth and development greatly, with all knowledge that is brought to the table. 

Since 2011, Betdigital has developed its activities and created products that gained popularity and appreciation. Thanks to this experience and expertise, this game developer was also interested in other companies. A few years later, Betdigital was able to start their journey along with new and great partners.&nbsp




Special Skills

Betdigital is one of the game developers which focuses on quality rather than quantity. Although its range of games may not be in its reach for the industry´s best players, the games are of the high quality, just as for the bigger gaming developers. The creations from Betdigital also brought out mobile compatible. They have, for instance, developed the so-called SystemiX Technology, which is the very first multi-platform in the industry. 

The results of this game developer in Abingdon, England, will be found in both the country and the online casinos. Betdigitals reputation as the latest game developer of technology and innovation as a game developer has raised it to the top of the industry – and liked it as well. 

Like any other company that has developed a system like this one, Betdigital also holds shares in patented systems. All in all, there are two patents for Betdigital, those already mentioned above, SystemX and GRID. These systems behind the patents are both a very important part of the company’s vision and one of the reasons for its success. Both of these patented systems fulfil their own role, completing each other. 


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Most of the Video Slots from Betdigital are five-reel games, most of which are modern. Usually, they also come with 10 paylines and interesting themes. There are all kinds of symbols offered, from special customised ones to the classic card symbols, and these games can all be found at some of the biggest operators in the markets today. They are very compatible with the online casino software’s and offers, of course, the most exquisite gaming experience with thrills.

Betdigital creates game content for all kinds of channels and devices. Players, both on the web and via mobile, can enjoy this game developer with great gameplays, where there is enough excitement on the reels to win you over in a split second. 

Naturally, Betdigital also made sure to have games accessible on mobile devices, as the mobile market has grown enormously in the past years. Today, game developers should be aware of where gamers want to play, as mobile gaming capacity increases, and internet based gaming expands, mobile gaming is becoming more common – making it an advantage to be able to offer the games via mobile devices. HTML5 based games will allow this game developer to offer players easily accessible games in their phones, but also for instant play on the web.

In addition to these channels, Betdigital has also created games to be marketed on Smart TV. This is the very first casino in the field that has done this – and this is, of course, a great step in the making of this digital gaming provider

Our final verdict

All flawless games – and there will be more to come from Betdigital at shortly! Keep an eye out for this brilliant, digital provider. They are coming to wow you!

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